Panthers One-of-Five Teams Interested in Campbell

Washington Redskins v Carolina Panthers

It was announced Monday evening, that the Carolina Panthers are one-of-five teams interested in Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell.

Originally reported by 980 ESPN Radio in Washington — Coincidentally or not, a Dan Snyder-owned outlet — reported that Buffalo, Oakland, Jacksonville, and an unknown team are the other parties interested.

It was later reported that head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jack Del Rio has no interest whatsoever in Campbell.

My gut feeling is that between now and the draft, Campbell will be dealt to a team in need of a quarterback, be it as a starter or for depth.

Once again, the Panthers are a team that would be better suited for Campbell’s skill set, and unless Matt Moore gets injured, would only be in Carolina as a No. two option.

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  • Rickn3car

    I say he is a welcome addition, as a number two. I just tend to wonder, just a little, if Campbell has any of dreaded, David Carr, shell shocked syndrome, in him. Having him step in for some freak accident in week 5 would be a terrible time to find out.

    Alex Brown, on the other hand is the tree the Panthers need to be barking up…that is, until the Saints sign him first.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I am going to attempt to give my thoughts to both you, rickn3car and Big G within the same response.

      I say Campbell would be a welcome addition, because the Panthers have no experienced No. 2 QB. Right now we have Hunter Cantwell, who I feel is not ready at all to assume a starting role if Moore gets injured.

      What are our options after Cantwell? Draft, I suppose…Depending on who the Panthers draft at QB or even sign as an undrafted FA, I don’t feel comfortable with the team entrusting the starting role to an unproven rookie, either.

      My gut instinct tells me the Panthers will sign Campbell. It’s a waiting game, and mainly in regard to what do the Panthers are willing to pay — via draft pick — to the Redskins to acquire Campbell. In my opinion, Campbell is gone from the Redskins either before or shortly after draft day. The Skins signed McNabb and Grossman, and they’re acting wishy-washy about drafting a QB, just as they were wishy-washy about acquiring McNabb initially.

      I don’t think Campbell would be bad as a backup, either. I also don’t believe he’s a semblance of David Carr, either.

      So which would you rather have in the unfortunate event Moore is injured? Take a gamble on an unproven rookie or second-year journeyman at QB, or have an experienced veteran like Campbell as the runner-up?

      Keep in mind, the main reason for Campbell’s lack of success: almost annual coaching / playbook changes, no protection from the offensive line, an owner who runs the team like a fantasy football team, and a mediocre receiving corps.

      The Panthers still have Steve Smith, they will hopefully draft a receiver with their first pick, and they have arguably the best running game in the NFL. They also have a very good offensive line.

      Cut Campbell some slack. Let’s see where this goes.

      Good comments, guys. And thank you for reading!

  • big G

    I agree with you Rickn3car. All it is now is a waiting game. Maybe we sign these players maybe we don’t? The only thing I am excited about is the draft. Once the Panthers are on the clock and pick. boom! We know in what direction the Panthers are going in. All this might be, maybe, could be is nothing. Until somebody signs with the Panthers then we have something to talk or type about. Go Panthers!

  • Brandon Eggers

    I think going after Campbell is a bad idea. My gut tells me if Moore was to get hurt (hopefully not), that Jason Campbell would turn out like last years Jake Delhomme did. With all do respect to Jake, because he had some great years as a Panther. I just think do not think Jason Campbell is the answer for us. Even if it is just a # 2. I hope we draft up (yes, again) to go get Colt McCoy. I know its a longshot, but I really like Colt. I also saw Jeff Davidson at his Pro Day in Austin, Texas. Hmm…