Quarterback Still a Need for Panthers

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants

Across the wire today, came a story from Charlotte.com, that the Panthers have the fewest NFL quarterback starts. Which stands to reason, given the team only has two quarterbacks currently on the roster. Does anyone else think the Panthers should have kept A.J. Feeley for another year?

The Panthers’ starting quarterback — Matt Moore — has started eight games in his career. His current backup, Hunter Cantwell, hasn’t started any games in the NFL.

Suffice it to say, the Panthers need at least one more quarterback on the roster. Preferably one with veteran experience, and not a drafted- or undrafted-rookie.

I’m starting to think that perhaps the Panthers will acquire two quarterbacks. Specifically, one on draft day. Depending on what Marty Hurney and John Fox decide to do on draft day/s, the Panthers could make some deals or even a deal to move around in the draft, in order to select a quarterback.

That selection also depends on whether or not they have a veteran –restricted or unrestricted — free agent quarterback in mind to sign either before the draft or shortly after.

A few names of interest the Panthers could consider signing or trading for in free agency: Restricted Free Agent Jason Campbell; Unrestricted Free Agents Marc Bulger, Jeff Garcia (expressing interest with Eagles), and then there’s still the chance the team could re-sign Josh McCown for a lot less than the prior free agents might be looking to earn.

If the Panthers go with solely drafting a quarterback or adding a rookie QB as well as signing a veteran, some general names of interest might be Texas QB  Colt McCoy, Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour, Cincinnati QB Tony Pike, and two quarterbacks scoring highly in the intangibles department are Colt McCoy and Florida QB Tim Tebow.

The draft is less than seven days away. It will be interesting to see what moves — if any — the Panthers make between now and then. Even more interesting will be if the front office addresses an area or two of need at a skill position. Fox and Hurney have done a good job so far this offseason, addressing the team’s needs on special teams.

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  • http://HomeProfits360.com ChazAtlas

    Jason Campbell, Marc Bulger and Garcia all sound good to me. Better yet, I think the Cats need a veteran QB on the roster with some “playoff” experience as well. Jeff Garcia is one tough, experienced dude that could definitely bring a spark to the team. That and a promising upstart in the draft. But a QB is only as good as his receivers and we HAVE to get some “tall” experience on the other side of Steve Smith. Sure it’s good to get a promising WR in the draft but WR rookies are hit or miss (usually miss) and we need someone to compliment Smith THIS season that knows what they are doing. Terry Holt, T.O….somebody of that caliber.

    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blitzradio Eric Quackenbush

      Thanks for the read and comment, Chaz.

      The problem with Garcia, is he is more interested and willing to play for the Eagles. So while I did mention his name, I did make note of his interest in Philadelphia.

      As for the need with an experienced receiver opposite Smith. I don’t think we’re going to see Torry Holt in a Panthers uniform anytime soon — ever — because of his age. The Cats have shown this offseason they are bulding for the future, and Terrell Owens? Nah. I don’t think he’d do anything good for Matt Moore’s confidence, wanting the ball all the time, though it might be funny if Smitty schools TO on who No. 89 is.

  • Mike

    To be honest, looking at the Panthers’ history, I doubt that they’ll dradt a QB. They may get a decent receiver in the second or third round. They haven’t drafted a QB since Chris Weinke. A real threat they could pick up would be Jimmy Graham from Miami. 6-foot-6, 260 pound tight end who runs 4.5 or better. He’s in the same mold as Gonzalez and Gates. A real threat. T.O. wouldn’t be a bad pick up, even though they’re not going to do that. I don’t think anybody is worried about Smitty schooling T.O., that’s not Ken Lucas. Dont forget what happened between T.O. and Hugh Douglas in Philly

    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blitzradio Eric Quackenbush

      Don’t forget what happened between Smitty and fellow receiver Anthony Bright, either.

      Thanks for the comment, Mike.

  • Mike

    I remember, Steve attacked him in a dark room.(1 game suspension)beating up that little rookie because he didn’t like something that he said.

    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blitzradio Eric Quackenbush

      Exactly. Which is why the Panthers would not and will not bring in T.O. He’s got a big mouth.

  • Mike

    True, too many big mouths on one team is not good, but I think he and Steve would get along, especially if they’re winning. Winning mends the fences, unless you’re Shaq and Kobe

    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blitzradio Eric Quackenbush

      Haha; well said Mike, well said.

      I seriously doubt either receiver would have a conflict with the other. Smith and T.O. are pretty much in the same boat now, that they just want to win…THE game. Not just any game.

      I wouldn’t be dead set against Owens in Carolina at all, but I would still see the need for the Panthers to draft a “receiver for the future.”