Panthers Finish Sixth-Round on Offense and Defense

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Florida v Cincinnati

To finish out the sixth-round, Carolina drafted two players on defense, and continued to add to the receiver and quarterback position.

At pick 175, Carolina selected defensive end Greg Hardy of Mississippi. A smart pick which addresses a defensive depth need.

With it’s pick at 198, the Panthers went on offense, where they took wide receiver David Gettis of Baylor; yet another wide receiver — also compared to Jim Turner by The Charlotte Observer’s Darin Gantt — to potentially complement Steve Smith and the third receiver taken by the Panthers in two days.

At pick 202, the Panthers hit up the defense again, going with defensive back Jordan Pugh of Texas A&M. The Panthers lack depth at corner, so this seems like a good deal.

And with it’s pick at 204, the Panthers find competition/a replacement for Hunter Cantwell, in Cincinnati’s Tony Pike.

I don’t know Panthers fans, we’ll see what happens in the seventh-round; with their 223rd pick, Carolina took RJ Stanford; defensive back out of Utah.

One more pick to go at 249.

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  • mel erny

    It is incredible that the Panther coaching staff does not recognize the weakness in the offensive line. The core of the weakness is Latrel Wharton. He is down for down an awful player. He goes down to his hands and knees practically every play. Problem is that it is not a result of contact with the other team’s defensive players. Our offensive line is less than adequate on a good day.

    McCown was injured when the offensive starters allowed the defense to roll over, through and around them for the umpteenth time.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Hi Mel, I think they did recognize that, as they signed two or three undrafted free agents at the position. Check ‘em out in the next article. Thanks!

  • Stan Steele

    2 things:

    One — his name is Travelle Wharton.

    Two — Wharton is a solid left guard.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yeah, I never thought Wharton was that bad, myself. Aside from some penalties here and there, but we see those from Gross and Otah more than anyone else.

      Thanks for pointing those out, Stan.

  • Mike

    Wharton is a solid player. A few years ago, when they had him at LT, I couldn’t stand, knowing he was a guard. Since he’s been moved back to his natural position, he’s played some serious ball. He even moved back to left tackle last year, and had a hell of a year

    • Eric Quackenbush

      How would you grade the Panthers’ draft this year, Mike?

  • Mike

    I give them a B-, that’s mainly due to the fact that I’d rather tham get McCoy over Clausen. All the analyst continue to say he’s pro ready, Brady Quinn came from the same system. Watching him when they took on UNC, he has a real bad habit of throwing off his back foot on the deep balls, and that’s the pass he prefers to throw. Ican’t speak on attitude, I don’t know him. Besides that pick, it was pretty much solid

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yeah, I was in agreement with you Mike, but give this article a read. VERY eye-opening. My POV on Clausen has really changed. It’s a bit lengthy, but well worth the read in it’s entirety.

  • Mike

    After reading the article, it sounds like a lot of excuses. Blaming the O-line, the running game, the supporting cast, too many excuses. Example, when they were speaking about the USC game, NO quarterback is going to get 5-7 seconds to throw the ball every play, that’s impossible these days. The run game, they were a pass first team. Any team built in that mode will have a low percentage in the run game. Plus, Clausen had a lot of freedom on the field, so he was able to change plays. Being pass first, he was always checking to a pass. Now blaming the defense, that’s on the coaches. You recruit what you want, if you want a speed defense and athletic, fast lineman, that’s what you’ll have. His receivers were better than the receivers Matt Ryan had his senior. But as a QB, as a leader, you have to push your teammates to greatness. They may not be the greatest atheletes, but together, you can be a great team. Matt Ryan had those Eagles on the brink of a national championship with a lesser team. So everything I just read, it reminds me of the way I felt in 2002 when Ken Dorsey was bad mouthed and got drafted in the 7th round. Subsequently, never receiving a fair chance in the league

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Very true; to me, there really are no excuses, but Clausen did have a fine body of work at Notre Dame.

      On a different front, the Panthers are trading Chris Harris back to Chicago. That sucks.

  • Mike

    What the hell!!!! In my heart, I don’t believe they are trying to win this season. Who’s next, Beason, Davis, D.Williams, Stewart, Godfrey. Smitty is 31, how much longer will he be in a Panther uniform. Another hair just popped into my beard

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I read an article from a news source in Greensboro this morning, where the writer felt as if the Panthers’ plan is basically to “lay low” until 2012, being there’s no salary cap and still no CBA in place for next year. I scoffed initially, but now I’m wondering that, myself.

      I have to say, I’m both shocked and very disappointed in this decision — not so much because of who we lost, but because of what we lost — and linebacker Jamar Williams, who we’ve received in trade, is a career special teamer who has been forced into action due to injuries.

      Seems to me we could have moved on Adalius Thomas, and still kept Chris Harris. I don’t like the move at all.