Panthers 'Scratch Their Itch' at Quarterback

The Panthers made it known they were going to get younger throughout the team in the offseason, and they did just that.

The first big-name player cast away from the team, was seven-year quarterback Jake Delhomme. After having a season where he was a turnover machine; with a preview of what was to come in the playoffs against the Arizona Cardinals during the playoffs a year prior, it was time to move ahead and look in a new direction.

The direction was believed to be incumbent QB Matt Moore, which was met with mixed reaction. None of which I really disagree with, aside from those who truly believe Moore hasn’t got what it takes to be a starting quarterback in this league.

I’ve said I believe Moore has the potential to do some good things as a starter for the Panthers, especially since the surrounding cast has been built very well. So long as every player on the offensive line, running backs, and fullbacks stay healthy, you can put just about any quarterback in the pocket.

I do still believe Moore has the potential — for now — to be the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

The competition against Moore however, is likely going to be stiff. Maybe not in their first years, but certainly two years from now, the possibility exists.

As for Hunter Cantwell, look for him to be supplanted by Jimmy Clausen or Tony Pike.

Jimmy Clausen; QB, Notre Dame

With it’s first pick in the second-round, the Carolina Panthers — first pick came as something of a shocker to me. There was the wide receiver I wanted so much, that when it was the Panthers’ turn to pick, I just knew he was ours — select Jimmy Clausen; quarterback, Notre Dame.


Immediately, the guys on Sirius NFL Radio covering the draft started saying this was a Jerry Richardson pick, not one by Marty Hurney or John Fox.

I was livid and sorrily disappointed at the same time. I felt for Smitty. I felt for Panthers Nation.

But Clausen addresses a very important need for the Panthers, especially since going into this year’s draft, they only had two quarterbacks on the roster. Now they have four — technically five, if you count Armanti Edwards; even though I know Marty Hurney stated he will be used as a receiver and in no way will he play at the quarterback position.

If Clausen lives up to the hype, he will be a very good quarterback for this team. There were two factors that really brought his draft grade down. The biggest factor, was the surgery he had to repair his turf toe.

If you remember, when the Panthers drafted running back Jonathan Stewart at 13 overall in 2008, he was suffering the same ailment, which is why he fell so far in the first-round.

Secondly, what hurt Clausen’s value is his personality. To put it bluntly, he has the tendancy to be a pompous ass. That’s not something that can’t be corrected in time, though; Fox or another certain head coach who could be leading the Panthers in 2011 won’t put up with that.

Athletically, Clausen had first-round value. The two things to be wary of with him right now though, are leaving the pocket too early / not allowing the play to develop, and forcing the ball when in the red zone.

To his defense, Notre Dame’s offensive line left him very vulnerable most times.

Tony Pike; QB, Cincinnati

With the 204th pick, Carolina took Tony Pike, a quarterback out of Cincinnati.

I heard today that Pike is reminiscent to some of the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady.

I’m reluctant to go along with it however, as I prefer to see how the person reacts to being on the field and being put in different situations.

At Cincinnati, this guy was like true grit. He had the toughness of Brett Favre, playing through and with injury; he also showed the kind of work ethic which made Johnny Unitas famous.

Pike worked his way through the ranks until eventually, he became the starting quarterback, with the luck per se, of the quarterbacks ahead of him succumbing to injury.

This guy was projected as second- or third-round potential, and was rated as one of the top-five quarterbacks entering the 2010 NFL Draft.

In his senior year, Pike threw for 2,520 yards, and 29 touchdowns.

In the following video, you will see some highlights and lowlights from Pike’s 2009 season.

At the end of the day, the Panthers have three quarterbacks on it’s roster; each with the potential to be a starter on this team or in this league.

Among Pike, Clausen, and the rest of the quarterbacks drafted in this class, Pike seems to be the most pro-ready quarterback in the entire draft.

Draft-Day analysis for wide receiver is next.

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  • kenneth picklesimer

    You said :
    a pompous ass. That’s not something that can’t be corrected in time, though; Fox or another certain head coach who could be leading the Panthers in 2011 won’t put up with that…
    I’ll say there are alot of HC who would put up with it ,in fact Payton Manning & Tom Brady are very much like that
    Now you explain why you say that I’ve heard nothing of that In fact

    • Eric Quackenbush

      You’ve heard nothing of it because Clausen, along with Tebow, has been a media darling.

      Clausen has a fiery, competitive nature to him, which I love! If he can channel it the way Philip Rivers does, that would be awesome.

      Described as a pompous ass, because at times he has shown poor judgement in sportsmanship; be it throwing team mates under the bus as you said, which right there with me, makes you a pompous ass. He still shows a lot of immaturity, which I don’t hold against him or anyone. That can be worked out over time.

      I don’t appreciate teammates throwing one-another under the bus publicly. Just like when Jon Beason called out Julius Peppers last season publicly. That really wasn’t necessary. Now you’ve taken this problem, or what you think is a problem — whether we the fans agree or disagree — and made it public. That kind of stuff needs to be kept and handled in-house at all levels of sport.

      It’s called integrity, and it builds character.

      Thanks for the read and comments, Kenneth.

  • kenneth picklesimer

    all his team mates say good things about him & as for some to say he throw a WR under the buss well Mannung throw is whole OL under the Buss & yes I’ve heard Brady do the saome thing Jimmy has a different Personnalty than Jake & matt moore & thats great

  • Brandon Eggers

    I absolutely LOVE that we were able to draft Jimmy Clausen at # 48 overall. I think he will give Matt Moore a big competition throughout mini camps and training camps. He is a young, hard working, very competitive QB that came from a NFL style offense at Notre Dame with Charlie Weis at the helm. (Former Offensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots). I cant wait to see Moore and Clausen battle it out for the # 1 job. I also really think the Tony Pike pick will be a good one as well. He stands about 6’5″ and has a strong arm. He might proove to be more than alot of people think.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yeah, after reading some material that set a lot of things straight about Clausen, I am more receptive to us drafting him with our first pick in the Second. Can’t believe that for a 24-hour period, I doubted Jerry Richardson.