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Good morning, Cat Cravers!

On this magnificent Monday morning, while shaking the sleep from my head and hovering over a nice warm cup of coffee, let’s take a trip around the blogosphere and see what news — if any — is cookin’ about our Carolina Panthers!

We’ll first check out what Jaxon over at Cat Scratch Reader has to offer. There’s actually a couple pieces of interest, by the looks of it.

We’ll continue the trend of Panthers’ season predictions with “Panthers Very Early 2010 Season Record Prediction.”

All I can say is Jaxon is rather cavalier in his blogging, wanting to jump into game-by-game predictions at this early — er late — in the offseason. An 11-5 record, and playoffs?! Playoffs?! Man’s got some guts there.

Contributor “Sniff,” made a contribution as well, titled “Some Interesting Facts About your Carolina Panthers.”

I’m not so sure I’d trust a couple of those interesting facts, but the rest is an interesting read.

Also, within that posting comes a post regarding our own Jimmy Clausen, contributed by a member of the Saints’ Canal Street Chronicles. I must say, the resemblance between Clausen and Cheddar Bob from 8 Mile, do share a striking resemblance in the facial area. We’ll see how the rest of that prediction turns out, however.

Turning our eyes to the more mainstream media, ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas reports Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason, a high-energy guy who totally buys into head coach John Fox’s system, is on the verge of becoming the team’s leader.

Until now, he might have been holding back just a little bit out of respect to veterans like defensive end Julius Peppers and safety Chris Harris.

A piece from the Post-Tribune, written by John Mutka titled “Overhyped Clausen Needs Humility.”

I do believe anyone can do with a good dose of humility every now and then. It keeps a person’s feet planted firmly on the ground.

And finally, another Clausen-related piece found in The New York Times section of The Fifth Down, written by Luis DeLoureiro, titled “Clausen and the Problem of Picking Second-Round Quarterbacks.”

At this point, I don’t see a problem with picking a highly-rated — perhaps slightly overrated — quarterback in the second-round.

The Panthers don’t have to pay him first-round salary, amazingly Marty Hurney kept his hands in his pockets when no team jumped at his next year’s first-round offer, and on paper it looks as though Carolina may have found it’s franchise quarterback. As always, time will tell.

Overall, a relatively quiet weekend for the Cats. We’ll see what’s new that transpires this week.

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  • zakk

    Do you think that Moore should be the starter or Clausen?
    I think Moore is the guy and that we should trade Clausen after a year or two here. Either way I think we have or QB of the future in one of them.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Moore should be the starter. He was given the job post-Jake Delhomme, and he knows the system. It only makes sense for him to be the starting quarterback this year. Barring injury, Clausen will have a full season to learn the system. As will Tony Pike. I’ll even go against what some have said, and say that even if Moore gets a little shaky and fans start to doubt him, I do believe Fox will stick with him.

      Next season (barring a lockout), there will be a legitimate competition between Moore, Clausen, and possibly Tony Pike to some extent. Pike’s really going to have to make a huge impression though, if he desires the starting job. Unless of course, Moore or Clausen totally flop. One never really knows. This year’s training camp and preseason will be telling of who’s where mentally and physically. Next year, even more.

      Two years down the road, you re-evaluate the position and perhaps at that time make a decision on who stays and who to possibly trade. Matt Moore is in a contract year, so the need to perform either to keep his job or to hold trade value, will be of the utmost importance.

      And I agree with you — either way; perhaps any way — among Moore, Clausen, and Pike, there is a bud waiting to blossom.