Carolina Panthers Still Have Two to Sign

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 17: Hunter Cantwell #14 of the Carolina Panthers runs the ball against the New York Giants on August 17, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Giants defeated the Panthers 24-17. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

With the latest signing of quarterback-turned-wide receiver Armanti Edwards, the Carolina Panthers have narrowed their list of “yet to sign,” to two.

Rookie second-round draft pick Jimmy Clausen, and third-round pick Brandon LaFell. The interesting thing, is it seems that up to this point, the Panthers have been signing draft picks in a reverse order. Will the trend continue — will LaFell be the next to sign followed by Clausen?

The end result of course, is what’s most important; getting both guys signed and in training camp. The order in which they sign has no significance.

The latest to come from Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer, is how second year quarterback Hunter Cantwell is climbing up the depth chart. I found this interesting.

How is a player climbing the depth chart when the team is not holding any practices at this time, and more amazingly, there is no depth chart to speak of at this time, anyway. It wasn’t until near the beginning of regular season last year, that the Panthers released the team’s depth chart. Fascinating!

Then something clicked in my mind, and it made sense. By default, Cantwell should be No. 2 on the depth chart, for the simple reason that he’s been on the team and in it’s system longer, even though he hasn’t seen any action on the field (aside from maybe 15 minutes total in preseason ’09).

Nonetheless, it makes sense that at this time; Cantwell is predicted to be where he’s at, because of a simple thing called seniority. Will it last? Cantwell is up against some stiff competition, especially if Jimmy Clausen is as in-tune to the pro-style of offense as we are all lead to believe. However, the transition from college to the pro’s is a big jump no matter how you slice it.

If nothing else, it’s good to see that for perhaps the first preseason game or two, Cantwell should see more snaps than his rookie counterparts.

In the meantime, Carolina’s got another draft pick in the bag and two to go.

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  • John

    I know from my interactions with people around the team the staff really likes Cantwell. He allegedly has the strongest arm of the group and has spent a lot of time working on mechanics. With all that said I don’t think we carry 4 QBs and I am pretty sure none of these guys would clear waivers so someone is odd man out here. Perhaps this is a chance to dangle some trade bait out there. Young QBs with big arms might be attractive to someone. Also to remind Clausen he doesn’t have a lot of leverage so keep the price realistic.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I agree with you, John. However, who knows, in terms of how many QBs the team rolls with? Might Tony Pike be the odd man out if Cantwell really impresses? IMO, odd man out is between Cantwell and Pike.

      Also, with Cantwell as 2 on the imaginary depth chart, it puts a bit of a damper on Clausen automatically thinking he’s the No. 2 guy. You gotta work for that position. It isn’t just bequeathed upon you.

  • John

    Yeah it’s definitely between those two. I think it will be interesting as usually the draft pick would win but in this case not sure that’s true. I would be surprised if they carried 4 but maybe with the youth movement and the general consensus on Pike that he was a year away when they drafted him will have us holding four.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      If they like Cantwell that much, and Pike is a year away, then I don’t see what it could hurt carrying four QB’s. Afterall, they seem content carrying two placekickers.

  • http://CatCrave Evan

    It does seem like Gantt has some personal agenda with his Cantwell campaign. Not sure what it is, but he does usually get some infatuation with a guy during camp, so maybe Cantwell is his man-crush this year.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      That’s possible. I forget who it was last year, but this is definitely a trend of Gantt’s. However, of all the area reporters, Gantt I trust the most.

  • John

    Well as far as Ganntt goes he has seemed to be anti-Moore to me. So anything about any other QB seems to get magnified. I see the same thing from Yasinkas. It’s like Matt owes them money or slept with their wife. Of course lots of people seem to be dumping on him. Clayton is getting into the act again proclaiming Clausen the QB we need. Guy has yet to throw a pro pass and he’s who we need at QB? Based on? I don’t get it.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yeah, that doesn’t make much sense to me, either. It’s like someone had noted — I think it was on WFNZ — that Clausen may come from a pro-style of offense, but he has yet to face a pro-style of defense.

      So I say let’s not anoint him the second-coming of “insert QB’s name here” just yet.

      As long as Jason Cole keeps his yap shut for now, I can deal with John Clayton and Yasinskas getting in on what the beat writers — those who actually KNOW what’s going on in the organization — have to say; whether I like it or not, is another question, lol.

      I don’t understand the disdain for Moore coming from Gantt, either. The only thing I can think of it, is perhaps it’s to do with the fact that Moore wasn’t drafted by the team?

      • Jerod Gore

        4qb’s isn’t impossible but i don’t think two placekickers will make the roster again this year. i know we’re a loyal team but with the youth movement in mind i think kasay could be gone after preseason if the new guy show’s any accuracy. if a qb is moving to practice squad i vote cantwell because even though observer and coaching staff are given him some love he’s still a huge unknown in the sports world and he has the best chance of not getting signed off of waivers. GO PANTHERS!

        • Jerod Gore

          my biggest worry is the talent we will have to sideline at wr. never been this deep at the position. lots of local talent according to observers article on trent guy. pickind up wallace wright and dexter jackson. i haven’t given up on jarrett just yet. charly martin and kenneth more looked good towards the end of the seaon. lafell looks capable of taking over if jarrett stumbles and then you have armanti edwards who we all know will make the cut and david gettis. got a little inside info from a friend that plays basketball for baylor. we know he’s got decent size and great speed but to answer the question that’s been on my mind and probably yours too. yes he’s got good hands. forgive me if i left anyone out. lol there’s so many. who will make the cut and who does that leave out? sad and scary.

          • Eric Quackenbush

            Either way, I’m certain — I think I can go out on this limb — the coaching staff will make the right decisions as to who plays, who sits, and who’s gone.

  • John

    Conventional wisdom says we carry 6 WRs into the season. 4 of those are pretty much givens barring injury. Leaving two spots to scrap over. Smith is in of course. Then we have Jarrett, LaFell, and Edwards. Everyone else is fighting to stick. Not counting the guy we brought in from the Jets who will be a special teamer.

    • J. Gore

      yeah i’m pretty sure 6 is all a team is allowed on the active roster. smith, lafell, and edwards are a lock. but if jarrett doesn’t perform in the preseason he’ll be on the outside lookin in. the hype really seems to be around kenneth moore and his new work ethic he brought to ota’s this year. first guy there last guy to leave. can’t argue with that. can’t wait for preseason. lol wow i can’t believe i’m saying that. i’ve said it before but once it arrived i couldn’t wait for it to be over. with so many positions up in the air i don’t think i’ll miss a snap. by the way does anyone know what happened to that olb we had last year during preseason? i think his name was jeff lehman. last i heard he made it to last year’s practice squad but i’m not completely sure about that. all i know is the guy has a high motor and looked like he could really play. competed against james anderson and dan connor for backup roll last year. i think critics say he’s undersized but they said the same thing about jack lambert.

      • Eric Quackenbush

        Again, I can’t say it enough. I think Jarrett is going to surprise this year.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      The guy we brought in from the Jets…Wallace Wright, my friend. I’ve heard (and seen) a LOT of potential from this guy.

  • John

    I think Jarrett gets it going this year as well. But if he doesn’t we got plenty of guys who want it pretty bad and seem to be working hard. So he needs to make every snap count or it will be curtains.