All Panthers Will Report to Training Camp — Jimmy Clausen Included

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 28: Quarterback Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame watches drills after deciding not to participate during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 28, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

No need to wait and wonder, any longer!

On Wednesday, the day veterans and rookies were expected to report to training camp, the Carolina Panthers came to a contractual agreement with rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen!

The Panthers and Clausen agreed in principle on a four-year, $6.3 million contract, with $2.53 million guaranteed.

Every player reported to training camp on time, without a hitch. This is just one reason why Marty Hurney is considered one of the top GM’s in the NFL.


Carolina has also placed six players on the active / PUP list.

For those of you who may be new to the game, PUP is the Phyisically Unable to Perform list.

A player can come off the PUP at any time, but must do so before the seventh week of the regular season.

According to beat writer Darin Gantt (who is the Adam Schefter of the Carolina Panthers), six players have been placed on PUP for today’s start of camp, and will not participate.

RT Jeff Otah, RB Jonathan Stewart, DT Louis Leonard, LB Thomas Davis, WR Stevve Smith, and G Duke Robinson.

Suffice to say, Smith and Davis will be on PUP for the longest.

As for Stewart, there’s no explanation given as to why he’s missing the first practice. I can only surmise that perhaps the trainers want to take a look at his surgically repaired foot, but then why not pull DeAngelo Williams out too, as he had a similiar surgery performed?

Gantt also reported that the reason for Robinson’s absence, is a rather irresponsible one. Robinson “flunked the conditioning test.” This will give fellow guard Mackenzey Bernadeau a leg-up and could put Robinson out of the running for the starting job.

Also according to Gantt, Geoff Schwartz will work in place of Otah, while Mike Goodson and Tyrell Sutton receive extra reps at running back in place of Stewart.

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  • John

    I am glad everyone is in. Holdouts hurt the team and the player. I hope we have a safe, great camp. I look froward to the Panthers surprising some folks.

    On Hurney I agree the guy has done a great job in a tough situation and to me the fact that we find the cupboard far from bare in the way of talent is the best testament to his acumen. As I’ve said inexperience may lose us some games but I don’t think a talent deficit will.

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  • Adam

    I have to give credit to Jimmy Clausen for signing and reporting to camp on time. Quarterback drafts, Bradford and Tebow still haven’t worked out there deal. Character issues, right? Here’s a guy who doesn’t know what his status on the QB roster is going to be, #2 or #3. So big props to JC for getting his shit taken care of.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, Adam.

      Apparently, Tebow doesn’t feel blessed with the numbers Denver is throwing at him, so that could be a while — then again, the Broncos shouldn’t be in a big rush to get him on the field, even though it is nice to get everyone in camp on Day One.

  • J. Gore

    Jimmy signed and workin with 2nd and 3rd string. LMAO Eric. Your comment on Tebow is right on. “Not feeling blessed” He needs to make up his mind if he’s gonna be a NFL QB or an underwear diva. lol Looks like Denver may have gotten the drama queen everyone thought we drafted. LMAO And we got Jimmy for a good price. Better than the 45million + that Bradford will be lookin for. Not knocking Tim for being religious but come on which is it? Are you gonna be a contrite selfless player or one that beats a team for all they’re worth? Underwear model. lol Marky Mark in the house.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      There was fanfare given both QB’s pre-draft. Love and adoration befell the golden boy, Tim Tebow. Hatred and animosity was dispensed unsparingly to the Golden Domer, Jimmy Clausen.

      I read that Clausen looked pretty good overall today, and aside from the check downs, he’s deadly accurate in passing.

      I don’t have a problem with Tebow’s religious affiliations or beliefs, either. It’s when he advertises and professes it so much, and now he’s still unsigned, what kind of image does that cast on him? A selfish one. Of course, he’ll blame his agent, when he should just tell his agent that on the day of training camp, let’s take the best offer on the table and keep that little bit of info between ourselves, so I can get into camp and not miss anything.

      Well, at least someone has his priorities straight.

      “Bad” Guys 1, “Good” Guys 0

  • John

    Priorities? What should their priorities be exactly? Who does Tebow owe? The employer he didn’t pick? The fans he doesn’t know? Or himself and his future?

    I really find the whole he’s holding out so he’s bad thing kind of silly. Further to say it reflects negatively on him as a Christian is worse. Christians don’t have to be poor to be good Christians. And they don’t have to shortchange themselves. For all we know this may be his only payday. First day of practice could be his last day as a football player. I understand fan disappointment but I don’t think many people who are in business for themselves go out of the way to leave money on the table. I don’t. And I will demand what I think my skills are worth in the current market. If I don’t get it I pass. Am I selfish? No I’m not, I am a businessman.

    These guys are each small businesses whose only product is themselves. They are forced to work for someone they don’t pick and who will drop them like a hot rock if it works out better for their wallet. Contract or no contract by the way.

    They don’t owe anyone anything until they sign a contract. Not the fans or the team and they darn well better make it good because the only money they can count on is this years.

    Tebow has signed and really didn’t miss anything. Is he now a better Christian representative than he was yesterday?

    BTW I am an Atheist who really has no particular love for Tebow or Christianity.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      It was kind of a joke in sarcasm, John. I just thought it was funny, how the media bad boy was signed and in camp before the media’s golden boy.

  • J. Gore

    Yeah I apologize if I offended anyone. Didn’t mean for it to be taken as a slam against Tebow or uplifting of Clausen. Just a pro Panthers anti everyone else thing. My family are strong southern Baptists so I know all to well about someone being strong in their religion. I just felt like wether it was Tim or his agent someone used it to propell him higher in the draft boards. Good for him getting his dough. And good luck to him except when he’s across from our defense. And I’d much rather pay the “bad boy” a maximum of 6.8 million for 4 years to play 2nd string or potentially start vs paying “the good guy” 33 million to sit behind Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn for the next 2 seasons. I’ve said all along Tebow is overrated as a QB. Just like Vick he’s nothing but a glorified running back. A hell of an athlete in both cases but not the QB I want leading my team. I’ll eat my humble pie if he proves me wrong. But mainly I was stating that I feel like we come out with the better bargain. GO PANTHERS!!

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Myself — I’m happy to slam the Tebow image portrayed by the media while Clausen was downtrodden all the time. Doesn’t mean I dislike Tebow, just that I dislike the media’s perception of him. Good luck to him in Denver; for now, he’s not a starting caliber quarterback, and was a waste of a first-round draft pick, in my opinion.