Things NOT to Watch for the Next Couple of Months

Oh dear me. Trying to catch up on things today so I can get back into the swing of things and Oh-My-Goodness! As Darrin Gantt’s tweets kept flowing in, it seemed as if no progress at all was being made over the last week and maybe we could beat an NCAA College Team.

So I would like to go over a few things that we in PantherNation should be prepared to disregard for at least several weeks. Keep in mind folks. This is just the beginning of August.

Armanti Edwards:Okay, the chatter has already started. He is next years 2nd Round pick. Lets all slow down and remember that Edwards is a “project”. Honestly I still think there is something to look forward to here, but this transition from College QB to Pro WR does not happen overnight. Even Tom Sorenson has said on CatCraveRadio repeatedly that Edwards will not really have an impact until the weather turns cold. So lets just have some patience here. This could take a bit.

Defensive line: Okay, since whatshisface left, a lot of attention is being paid to what the Brayton-John-Brown-Taylor-other gang will bring to the table. Who is going to produce Double Digit sacks? Chances are no one will. So hope for solid play alone. I think we may be on the right track here. With reports of Johnson trimming down and here is something else to think about. the Defensive live will not revolve around ONE single “Superstar” to take the pressure off the others. However, also consider, the onus is now on this combination of unknowns. This could be a pleasant suprise.

Some guy named Vaughn: Something of a great deal has been made about Some guy named Vaughn missing a block and Matt Moore was dead in the water in the path of Jon Beason. I would not be too concerned about this. But just the fact Beason may be more involved in the pass rushing game coming from the Willie spot…this is the point where I tend to giggle evilly.

What about John Fox?: Way to early to even talk about it. Even so, the Cowher people just need to forget about it if the chance even comes up. But then I stumbled upon a pretty good Scott Fowler piece. I really do not know how to comment on that yet except to say, how can Jon Gruden not appreciate Double Trouble?

And a final big thanks to Ralph Vacchiano of The Blue Screen for answering our prayers and doing what generally turns into great entertainment for Panther Nation.

You sir have done a big no-no. It seems that you have dubbed 89 as “The Other Steve Smith”. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Not only will Smith be returning from a broken bone with something to prove, again,(see 2005) you sir have found a way to minimalize the excellence that is known in PantherNation as simply 89. I am convinced that this will become quite clear to you in Week 1, what a colossal mistake you have made, and will realize that.
Please do continue to refer to 89 as “The Other Steve Smith” Please Please Please Please Please!

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  • Adam

    The other Steve Smith? I laugh sir, I laugh. Mr. Vacchiano, you are so wrong. Nuff’ said.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Okay Ralph, whatever you say, right? Of course the Giants fans who commented on Vacchiano’s garbage, are oblivious, because they have the “greatest” team. I made a comment on Vacchiano’s piece, too. I couldn’t resist. I even registered for the express purpose of leaving a comment to knock on Junior (their sorry version who happens to be named Steve Smith).

  • Jarrod

    I love football back in the news. Keep putting panther new out for us. Thanks

    • Eric Quackenbush

      We thank you for checking us out, Jarrod. Please return anytime! We’ll do our best to keep Panthers fans informed.

  • J. Gore

    I now have only one wish. And that is that somehow, someway, Smitty will hear these comments before week 1 is upon us. I can’t believe that someone would have the gall (Insert your choice of words here.) to call out someone the calliber of #89. And to compare their mediocre part-time slot man to THE STEVE SMITH. I feel for the man that has to reach into his pocket to pay your salary Vacchiano, because he may be the only man on this earth more ignorant than you. May Smitty have no mercy upon your souls.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Ron and I talked about it to some lenght on our show last night, and in conclusion, both agreed that Vacchiano is a New York man…not just Giants, but NY everything. Nothing wrong with that. I think his referencing the Panthers’ Steve Smith as “the other” Steve Smith, is just as stupid as Smith saying he’s going to go after a guy who is the third-string — possibly fourth-string safety, depending on Kenny Philips’ status. It’s likely that Smith won’t see the other dude out on the field.

      Let’s just say penalties offset, replay second-down. We’ll see who’s laughing loudest (and hardest) post-4 p.m. on Sunday September 12.

      • J. Gore

        Eric I was unaware until recently that you guys have a radio show. Pardon me for being out of the loop. I used to be able to listen to Panther Talk podcasts via the Panthers website, but since the site’s latest update I’ve been unable to do so. I would like to be able to listen to your shows and was wondering if you could give me some info on the broadcasts. Or maybe a site where I can listen to recent shows would be cool. Thanks.

        • Eric Quackenbush

          Yeah, we’ve had one for almost a year now. It’s all good, J. I think all you have to do is click on my name here in the comments forum and it should take you to our homepage and archived shows.