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CHARLOTTE, NC - AUGUST 24: Jason Baker #7 of the Carolina Panthers motions on the field during the preseason NFL game against the New England Patriots at Bank of America Stadium August 24, 2007, in Charlotte, N.C. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Good morning Cat Crave faithful, and welcome to another edition of one-liners from around the web. The Panthers fall — not that it really matters per se’ — to 0-2 in the preseason, after losing 9 – 3 in a sleeper against the New York Jets. There was some good to be taken from the loss, and there was what would seem to be more regression than progression made in other areas. See GK’s post-game review for the full details.

My quick take on it — I still liked what I saw from the defense as a whole, the running game — once Jonathan Stewart returns — will be fine; the receivers (whether it’s Dwayne Jarrett, Kenny Moore, Brandon LaFell, or any combination of the current wideouts) will find more opportunities once Steve Smith returns and more defensive attention is placed on him, special teams is just awful (punter Jason Baker aside), and the quarterback — Matt Moore — will be fine come the first week of regular season…when of course, the offensive line snaps back to reality and starts giving the Moore (and Jimmy Clausen) better protection.

But enough, I don’t want to steal any of GK’s thunder. I was only able to go by the team-colored dots, dashes, and lines provided by’s Game Tracker.

Ever the optimist (usually to a fault), I enjoyed Scott Fowler’s latest optimist v. pessimist piece. While it’s fun to follow his directions and only read the piece as instructed (read the optimist’s view if you’re an optimist or the pessimist’s view if you’re a pessimist), both points of view bring about valid arguments. However on both sides, a supporting argument could be made to validate each point of view.

Bryan Strickland of brought forth more good news, which is still surprising many, as it was about the Panthers’ defensive unit, and how dazzling it was in only it’s second preseason showing.

While I agree with most as to how impressive this young defense has been so far, I am still skeptical (one of the few times) as to how real it truly is. The next game against the Tennessee Titans will be a true test for this team’s run defense, which has been spotty for the first two weeks.

Also from the team’s website — in case you were wondering — the game-by-game jersey color schedule for 2010, or as titled, “Colors of the Panthers Rainbow.”

As I stated earlier, special teams was just…ridiculous. I know I’m not the only one who thought so. Another piece by Scott Fowler, about how some players need to invest in a bottle of glue. At least until they are used to playing at a new position and at the next level.

Now for a good, in-depth piece by Panthers beat writer Darin Gantt. Some of Gantt’s tweet’s towards the end of the game had me chuckling, though it was late enough it could have been the onset of delirium setting in. First line: The Carolina Panthers might not have a quarterback controversy…interesting.

Steve Reed of, offered his perspective on the passing game, and how left tackle Jordan Gross hit the nail on the head.

Finally, we’ll revisit Scott Fowler once more. He offers up the four things he didn’t like, and only two things he did like. I find his points hard to argue, as well.

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  • John

    The commentators on the Observer kill me. I don’t post much over there but I did today in the Things I liked post. Some ridiculous people over there.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I hear ya, John. Some of the stuff that they let slip through is surprising, too. Good comment over there!

      • John


        I really don’t like it over there but sometimes I feel compelled to post when the idiocy just gets to unfettered.

        I prefer it here where people try to be respectful of each other and add something to the conversation.

        • Eric Quackenbush

          Yeah, we try to weed out those who just like to make noise and say nonsense. I go at it — so I believe — with some of the morons on PFT. Doesn’t have to be Panthers-related, although when it has been, all the more fun. Glad to see you prefer it here. That’s what we like.

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  • Mark

    I got to watch the entire game,and I have to say that our defense is VERY impressive. The area I assumed would let us down the most this season,the D-line,is explosive like I haven’t seen in awhile. The entire unit flies to the ball,if they can play like that when games count we should be in every game we play.

    The offense and special teams are another story. I don’t understand why the offense is struggling so much,they are basically the same group except for a couple guys that played last year. Hopefully they will iron out the wrinkles,and let me tell you,if they play like they did the end of last year,and with the defense playing impressive,it might not be such a re-building year after all. I don’t even want to talk about special teams.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I cannot agree with you more, Mark. The active word is “if.”