Are Offensive Woes as Bad as They Say?

Will the O-Line give Moore or Clausen a chance?
So today’s common theme is going to be “where is the offense?”. Looking at the early (early, early, early) assessments, by some accounts we are showing the best defense in the league (this is a preseason standard, nothing more). So if this is true, I sincerely hope that the coaches keep up the consistency.

Offense does seem to be having some problems. Big Problems. I remember the Vikings game in Minnesota in 2008, when it seemed like it was rapidly becoming a laundry fest. That came to mind Saturday night when Jimmy Clausen had (finally) moved the offense into the Red Zone and was setting up to score. Then it just seemed that the offensive line was not going to let that happen: three consecutive false start penalties pushed Carolina right out of the endzone.

What was so bad about it; this was at Bank of America Stadium, not some far-off, noisy venue. This was in our house. Carolina’s biggest problem offensively has become needless mental mistakes. It is looking more and more like this is keeping us out of the endzone more than any opposing defense, or better put just as much. Hopefully this will be worked out very soon. Hopefully by Thursday night. The Last I heard, Heinz Field is a noisy place and the fans there are somewhat passionate about there team. Until they can get this fixed, I think questions about the No. 2 wide receiver are moot.

Just a note: At this point, wanna guess who the Panthers leading WR is? Here is a hint. He is a project player. I am willing to be patient with him.

To answer your question, Mr. Ditka: As I anxiously awaited the first pre-season game, during the pre-game Mike Ditka asked,”where is the Panthers’ defensive line?” I think he has been answered.

Are the Special Teams fixed?: While it seemed improved, I am not sold that the problems have been fixed, so I would not say the Panthers are out of the woods, yet. I do hope they manage to keep Mike Goodson healthy.

The Commitee is in session: I see one question going into this coming season: What would you rather have on your Defensive Line? One “big name” that keeps the attention of his agent and offensive coaches, or a handful of solid guys who are driven by a desire to succeed? Hopefully we have a sincere answer to that question by season’s end.

Okay. that was just a few random thoughts following a good win last night.

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  • John

    To answer the title no they aren’t.

    It amazes me that people think we have been running anything like our offense these games. We have been throwing 66% of the time. Does anyone really think our offense is going to be like that when the games count? I don’t. It’s obvious they have been trying to really give guys shots to step up in the receiver corps. This has lead to play calls they just wouldn’t make in the regular season. For example does anyone think if the Tenn game counted a healthy DeAngelo would have only carried 9 times? Of course not we would have stuffed him and every other running back we had down the Titans throat. I just think people are not being realistic in their judgments of the offense personally.

    I don’t think special teams are fixed but we might be on our way to finding some returners. I also think as we get healthier the ST will get better. We will be dropping the camp fodder and have the real guys out there all game when the season starts. We should see continual improvement.

    Now the defense has been a bright spot. With that said just like we haven’t done much game planning neither have our opponents. So we have to take the performances and judge them in that context. Still what I have seen is a bunch of guys going one on one and winning the battle. Game planning or not the outcome of one on one says a lot. I see swarming to the ball. I see a lot of speed. In general I am not very worried about this side of the ball but won’t be completely convinced until they do it for real.

    A convincing win over the Giants will go a long way toward making everyone feel better about this team. Personally I think they can get it done.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      At the same time, this playcalling is reminiscent of last season…Let’s not forget how preseason there were just as many passing plays, and to open up at home against the Eagles, I remember in the post-game interview Fox said something to the effect of, the fans wanted to see more passing plays… I’m hoping we’re not in for regular season start round 2 like last year, but if we utilize the passing game more (even with Smith), I think this team’s in trouble…Play to your strengths. The passing game is not a major strength of this team’s offense.

      • John

        I don’t expect us to be very pass happy. We have a QB that has started 8 games. I like him and think he has the tools but I don’t see them changing from a play action team to a throwing team. I would guess 20ish passing plays a game to keep the defense semi-honest and 40ish running plays.

  • Mark

    Didn’t get to see the game,so I will just ask a couple questions;

    Is the defense that good?
    Is the offense that bad?

    • gkillette

      Judging solely on preseason (I stress that) yes and yes. The more I think of it, it just seems the Offensive line is holding things back.