Fantasy Football Watch - Week 7

We’re cruising right along, and entering week 7. We’ve seen disappointments in players like Ochocinco and Reggie Wayne, and have had some surprises with Darren McFadden and Darren Sproles.

The average fantasy player is probably sitting at 3-3 or 2-4 right now, and we need to fix that. I want you guys to win, unless you are playing me. So, this week I did a bit more research for my list, and hoepfully it can put you over the top for a win and put you in playoff contention. That being said, join me after the break for my Love/Hate list for Week 7 of the 2011 NFL season!


Tim Tebow QB Denver
I’m gonna catch some flak for this after what I said last week. But think of Tebow as Cam Newton Light. Tebow will probably throw 2+ picks and around 250 yards, but he’s gonna get points with his feet.

Brandon Lloyd WR St. Louis
Well, who else is Feely going to throw to?

Brandon Pettigrew TE Detroit
With Best out for the week, Pettigrew becomes the running game. Stafford will love to check down to Pettigrew this week.

Matt Hasselbeck QB Tennessee
More points than Romo and Rivers so far this year.


Reggie Wayne WR Colts
1)His QB is Curtis Painter.
2)Painter doesn’t know how to throw the ball to anyone not named Garcon

James Starks RB Green Bay
1 TD all season. He doesn’t do it for me, I’ll take Grant any day.

Matt Ryan QB Atlanta
Disappointment week after week. If you have him, trade him to someone who has all their QB’s on a bye week. (It’s what I did!).

Robert Meachem and Lance Moore WR New Orleans
If your name isn’t Graham, Sproles, or Colston you will not put up solid numbers.

Thats it for this week, and remember guys, you can tweet me your questions @CatCraveSlate. or you can comment here and I’ll be able to get back to you!

Thanks for reading and good luck this week!

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