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Hey all! So this was my first time doing something like this and I have to say it was a ton of fun.  Zach Grogan was nice enough to extend me an invitation to participate in yipyapsports first ever debate.  I also want to thank Ryan Sakamoto for participating.  He runs a great operation over at and he was a worthy adversary.  Obviously I picked the Panthers to win.

There are a few points I wanted to add that I failed to cover in the video.  First, the Panthers defense will harass quarterback Colin Kaepernick all day.  Back in week 10, they sacked Kaepernick a career high 6 times (without a sack from the Kraken).  I expect that number to be higher this game after Kraken finally gets the edge on left tackle Joe Staley.  Kaepernick has more weapons this time around but I have confidence in the Panthers secondary.  They have had to face tough receivers and tight ends all season.  They are no stranger to competition.


Nov 3, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Star Lotulelei (98) on the field with a medicine ball during warm ups at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

One more player I failed to mention is Star Lotulelei.  Being a defensive tackle, he will not put up flashy numbers but he will have a huge impact on the defensive front.  He will shut down the run, forcing the 49ers to become one dimensional.  When that happens, Star will command double teams in the middle forcing the 9ers to give either Greg Hardy or Charles Johnson one on ones on the edge.  Those are matchups both ends can win almost every time.  The weather in Charlotte has been rainy but forecasts are predicting sunny weather tomorrow.  Regardless, this should be a defensive battle that harkens back to the NFL of old. Get ready Panthers fans.  We are in for an amazing game and it is less than 24 hours away!  Keep pounding!

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  • holymomentumbatman#84

    Yeah, we all know that Kaepernick can run with the ball,and he’s pretty good at it. But guess who else has the same talent? Superman, that’s who. Though I suspect both defenses will be putting pressure on the respective QB’s to take off running, ( not necessarily the entire game ), because they know that is one BIG KEY to the game plan FOR BOTH CLUBS…to flush the quarterback out of the pocket, and either just make him run for his life, or to try and pass the ball on the run.
    I don’t know a great deal about the 49′ers defense. Undoubtedly, it is pretty darn good to get them to this position, AND with a 13-4 record, having already won one playoff game. I DO KNOW something about the Panther defense…THEY ARE PRETTY DARN GOOD THEMSELVES. As usual, Luke Kuechly will be EVERYWHERE the ball is. Thomas Davis will also be all over the place…#58 is one of my FAVORITE players. I spotted him early on in his career, and KNEW he was gonna be a beast. He is. His tackling ability and technique is a work of art. The keys to a Panther victory are, (1) Stuff the run. EVERY TEAM initially tries to establish their running game to set up the pass, but that team will sometimes come out and try to catch the other off guard, and heave a bomb on the first play of the game. Carolina must be on the look out for this kind of trickery. But, stop the run first, then Kaepernick must throw the ball, whether it be from the pocket, or on the run. He is an excellent passer, so the Panther secondary MUST COVER WELL WITHOUT DRAWING INTERFERENCE FLAGS from the typical DISRESPECTING OFFICIALS. There is another scenario that will be much better for Carolina all the way around…(2) the Panther front four beats the 49′er offensive line back with the bull rush, get ‘em on their heels, and bring Kaepernick DOWN!! SACKAROONY!! That should keep Kaepernick from throwing the ball, AND keep him from running. In a nutshell, stop the run, PRESSURE KAEPERNICK, (HARD), secondary must cover well, and NOT give up the big play, linebackers, if they come in, MUST MAKE IT COUNT, and, if they drop back in coverage, MAKE IT COUNT. In other words, the linebackers must play the game of their lives. AND, one more thing that isn’t thought of a lot, but is ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE PLAYS THERE IS to get an offense out of kilter, and give them second thoughts about the next play they call…the safety blitz!! IF Carolina can pull off a couple of well timed safety blitzes, make them work by bringing Kaepernick down, while at the same time, their defensive line pressure bringing him down, slowing down or stopping his running ability, and the secondary doesn’t give up the big play,covers adequately enough, and doesn’t get interference penalties, the Panthers can beat this 49′er team. IMHO, the Panther D is better than San Francisco’s, and all of the great coaches of the past said more than one time during their careers that DEFENSE WINS BALL GAMES. I agree. If you keep the other team out of the end zone, your team can win the ball game, 3-0, although I think there is going to be a little more scoring than that.