Welcome to Cat Crave!


Welcome to Cat Crave! This is the twenty-fourth NFL blog site in the Fan-Sided blog network.We are all about one thing – The Carolina Panthers! It is our mission to provide you with news, updates, rumors, history and opinions on the Panthers. But this mission cannot be accomplished without you, the readers. (And we hope there are some of you out there reading this!) We need your support and your input. It’s this feedback that will help us to make this website the best Panthers’ site on the net.To learn more about me (and I’m sort of obligated to tell you this even though I’m not here to talk about myself) go to our “About” page.

Before I begin dissecting, pontificating, theorizing, opinionizing, and downright upsetting everyone, I want to thank Zach and Adam Best of Fan-Sided. It’s because of them that I have this gig. I appreciate their support in this venture and their belief that a guy like me can do this job. Be sure to visit their website and all of the NFL team blog sites in the network. Again, we welcome you all to Cat Crave!Check in with us daily. We intend to heat up the net with Panthers news! Go Panthers!!!