Ocho Cinco Talks Panthers


In a report in the Gaston Gazette, Chad Johnson, A.K.A. Ocho Cinco, not only wants out of Cinicinnati but says he might be interested in playing for the Carolina Panthers.  It’s become public knowledge that Johnson wants nothing more to do with the Bengals.  He’s mentioned nearly every team and might next say he’d like to play for the Yankees.  Who knows?

But the truth is, this time anyway, he specifically mentioned the Panthers.  But would John Fox and Marty Hurney make the call?  And what would they be willing to give for him?

Some have called the football player formerly known as Chad Johnson a lockerrom cancer but there has been no real hard evidence of that recently.  Still, he’s running around belly aching about wanting out, wanting to be traded.  When he lands somewhere else and it isn’t going his way, will he start doing that again?  Will he be a distraction?

He’s a great wide receiver, yes.  But I’m not sure that the conservative approach of John Fox and the man with the golden grill will be a good match.  More importantly, the Panthers don’t make it a habit of trading draft picks.  Unless there is a fundamental change in the business practices in Carolina, I’d say Chad will wind up elsewhere.