Now the Pieces Fit for Rucker


Just yesterday, we told you that Mike Rucker (or his agent) was saying that he wanted to return for another season.  The problem was that he wasn’t sure if it would be with the Carolina Panthers.  Well…

A report in the Charlotte Observer quotes Rucker as saying that the pieces seem to fit for a return to Charlotte.

"“I looked at playing again like a puzzle, with a bunch of pieces,” said Rucker, a longtime Carolina Panthers defensive end. “When enough of the pieces fit, I made a decision.”“I have the strength to do it, the will to do it and I want to do it.” “I’m a team player,” he said. “At the end of the day, I want a Super Bowl ring and that’s it. And I love this community. Whatever happens, this is home.”"

This could all be double-talk from Rucker and his agent.  He’s been a standout player for nine seasons and he may simply be trying to leverage some pressure against the organization.

The team could use him especially if his heart is in it.