Gross Expects to Get a Deal Done


Jordan Gross, the Panthers’ right tackle, set to be a free agent at the first of March, said he expects to reach an agreement on a contract with the team avoiding the franchise tag, according to the Rock Hill Herald.

"“It’s never been a nasty deal, and it’s not like it’s going to be an eight-week negotiation,” Gross said. “It might not be the right attitude to have in this business, but I’ve always had faith in this organization to do the right things.  There’s no real rush, we’ve still got a couple of weeks.”"

If a deal can’t be reached, the team will have a decision to make on Gross.  He, along with line mate Travelle Wharton, are both free agents and one may have to be given the franchise tag.  It could cost big money to re-sign both players but it’s all part of the price of doing business in the NFL.