Jake Has Begun to Throw


Jake Delhomme has apparently taken the biggest step possible in his rehab of that injured elbow – he has begun to throw the football according to ESPN.com.  He hasn’t exactly been allowed to air out any bombs but it’s a start.

"So far, he’s been limited to 20 passes each day at a distance of about 10 yards in the team’s training room.“It feels great, no pain at all,” Delhomme said. “I’d like to do more than 20, but they’re not going to let me win that battle. We’ll keep doing this and, hopefully, go to a big ball out on the field in about a month or so.”"

There have been Panthers fans who have continued to pile on the “Get Rid of Jake” bandwagon.  I’m simply not one of them.  Losing Delhomme last season sent Carolina into the toilet and not a single plumber or Roto Rooter man could dig them out.

I, for one, hope Delhomme’s rehab continues to progress and he makes a full recovery for ’08.