Are the Panthers Doing Enough to Sign Gross?


In the last few days, the Carolina Panthers have been pretty busy either letting players go or re-signing them.  However, there could be one order of business that they have failed to take care of – signing Jordon Gross to a new long-term deal.  And he’s not all that thrilled with their efforts – or lack of effort.  (Rock Hill Herald)

"“We’re kind of waiting on them; I thought we’d have heard something by now, but there’s really been no progress,” Gross said Friday. “Based on what we’ve talked about, it’s like they’re going to do all the other stuff first before they get to me.”“It’s kind of tough to say what’s happening, because you don’t know what the market is this year,” Gross said. “But based on the numbers we were talking about the last time we talked, it’s not like we’re light years apart.“It’s not like we’re in a different book, we’re just on different pages.”"

If Gross is accurate in his assessment, why have the two sides not sat down again to complete the negotiations?  Are the Panthers planning to franchise Gross?  Those are questions that will be answered in the coming days.  Stay tuned.

 – In a couple of oh-by-the-way moves, the team signed quarterback Brett Basanez and wide receiver Jason Carter to extended deals.