Leak Fans’ Hearts Are Breaking!


I’ve got bad news for all the Chris Leak fans out there – he’s no longer in the NFL.  In fact, he’s going off to play in Florida in a new football league.  I know your hearts are breaking but he will not be coming to play for the Carolina Panthers.

It’s a natural fit that Leak is loved here in the Charlotte metro area because of his ties to the neighborhood.  He led local Independence High School to so many victories they nearly had to retire the state championship trophy.  That love followed Leak to Florida where he helped to lead the Gators to a national title.

But things didn’t work out so well for the local product in the NFL.  Now, he, and his brother C.J. will be lining up to play for the same team – the Florida franchise of the newly formed All-American Football League.

This will be the first time that the brothers have played together and the first time that Chris Leak fans have lost sight of their favorite son in eight years.  It’s unlikely that the league will be televised.  If it is, I can’t imagine that many sports fans can find the Lifetime Channel.  I know I can’t.

In an article published in the Charlotte Observer on Wednesday, the brothers’ dad, Curtis, said, “It’s special,” when asked about Chris and C.J. playing together.  He also added that they would likely be trying out for another NFL team come training camp in 2009.

In the meantime, Chris Leak fans (or as I like to refer to them “Leakers“) will probably have to find the time to travel to Florida to watch their hero play.