Why is David Carr Still A Panther?


Panthers fans have watched the team release players and re-sign players.  The team is making moves but there is one move the team hasn’t made that has fans asking questions – David Carr.

There have been reports that the team wants to try to trade the veteran quarterback.

There are obvious questions – what does the team expect to get in return for him?  How many teams are out there desperately trying to find an overrated NFL QB?  Are general managers around the league hoping to land one of the biggest draft busts in recent history during the offseason?

We already know the team is hoping to get something in return for DeShaun Foster but that makes sense.  He at least could have some trade value.  But David Carr?  His value now on the NFL trade market has to be somewhere between receiving a slug and a box of Twizzlers in return.

Up to now, I have not been very critical of the moves the team either has made or hasn’t made but it appears to me that today that has to come to an end.  Marty Hurney, John Fox, what are you thinking?  This has to be one of the biggest no-brainers ever!  Cut the guy and move on.  It’s apparent to everybody that bringing him in was a mistake.  It didn’t work out so move on.

The only way you can change my mind (or the minds of the fans) is to actually work out a trade with some unsuspecting general manager and get something in return.  If you do that, I’ll have to totally reevaluate what you’re doing.  In fact, I’ll be glad to publically call you both geniuses.

But the odds are you won’t get anything for him.  Let’s just get rid of the guy and move on.  Until you do Panthers fans everywhere will continue to ask the same question – Why is David Carr still a Panther?