Panthers are Making News


With so much to get done during the offseason, the Carolina Panthers are hard at work.  And, just as you might expect, what they are doing to upgrade a team that went 7-9 last year, is making news.

On occasion, it’s what other teams do that make news in Charlotte.  For instance, many teams have franchised players or placed the transition tag on them which will thin the ranks of players available through free agency.

As we reported here before, one Panthers’ player isn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of another season in Carolina – Kris Jenkins.  The team just might be able to give him his wish to move elsewhere by trading him.  The move is more likely due to the lack of remaining top-notch free agent defensive linemen.

As reported in today’s online edition of the Rock Hill Herald, the team is none too thrilled with the prospect of keeping Jenkins around if he becomes a malconetent.  This is a drama that has been playing out since before last year’s training camp.  Making a deal to move Jenkins could become a high priority.

Another position on the team that has become a priority is wide receiver.  The talents of Steve Smith are a given.  But it’s far too easy for fans to take those talents for granted.  He’s great, yes, but without a wide receiver on the other side of the offense to take the heat off of him, Smith will continue to find himself the target of every defense he faces.

Jake Delhomme was quoted earlier this offseason as saying that he’s high on Dwayne Jarrett and what he will bring to the team next year.  However, Jarrett failed to make an impact in his rookie year catching only seven passes while he wasn’t even in uniform more than half of the season.

One potential addition the team can make this year involves a familiar name, Muhsin Muhammad.  A report at Pro Football Talk suggests that the Panthers are close to signing the veteran to a deal.

This is interesting since Muhammad is, in effect, returning home.  He was a fan favorite in Carolina before and many Panthers’ faithful have been calling for his return since he was released by Chicago last week.

If the team brings him back, it’s more likely they want him to help Jarrett mature and less likely to be the number two guy that takes the heat off Steve Smith.  If he’s able to do a little of both that’s a bonus.

If Muhammad does return and can help this team win, the Panthers will be making even bigger news.  Stay tuned.