Foster to the Niners?


ESPN is reporting that DeShaun Foster could be signed by the San Francisco 49ers within the next couple of days.  I personally hope he does so I can stop using the two photos I have of him.

John Clayton, he of the nerdy NFL-insider type who is always talking with at least one drop of spit on his lower lip, broke the story.

"Watch for the 49ers to lock up former Panthers halfback DeShaun Foster to be Frank Gore’s backup in the next couple of days. Foster is a powerful runner who would be a nice complement to Gore. The 49ers made quick contact with Foster once the Panthers released him late last week."

If the story is true, that’s all well and good.  Thank you, John Clayton.  But are you sure that Foster is a “powerful runner?”  How powerful can a running back be when he has more lost fumbles than touchdowns?  Maybe that explains why I won’t pay to read things on the internet, most notably the Insider.