Yo! Vick! Don’t Drop the Soap!


Forgive me if my heart isn’t breaking over this story.

MediaTakeOut.com is reporting that Michael Vick has paid to receive protection in prison…

"If you thought Mike Vick was in some kind of country club prison – you’re wrong. MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a person whose relative is currently incarcerated with Mike Vick in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary – in the same cell block. And according to our source, Mike Vick is having a difficult time fitting in.The insider explained, “Michael Vick is not in [administrative segregation] – he’s right there with the rest of the inmates. A few [inmates] stepped to him when he first got there but everything is cool now … My [family member] says that he’s paying a Mexican gang to keep him safe.”"

Well, now isn’t that something?  Imagine a guy like Michael Vick in prision trying not to become somebody’s…er…uh…well…you know.  So, he’s paying some gang to keep his backside (and we literally mean his backside) safe and intact while he’s in the joint.

There will be some who will say things like, “Poor Mike!  How sad!”  They might even go as far as saying something like, “Mike doesn’t deserve this!”

Sorry, but I’m not one of those people nor do I think I’ll ever become one of those people.  It’s simple really.  Michael Vick broke the law and went to prison.

Many want to point out that he’s only there because of some dog fighting.  That may be true but he could have had the book thrown at him for racketeering as well and could be serving even more serious time.  The man got off pretty easy if you ask me.

While Mike is serving his time at lovely Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, I doubt I’ll be losing any sleep over it.  But I can offer him some good advice – keep your protectors paids well, Mike, and for goodness sake, don’t drop the soap!