To Panthers Fans: THANK YOU!!!


Today marks the end of our first thirty days here at Cat Crave.  And what a month it has been!

As a start-up website it’s always hard to know what will happen.  Will the site flourish?  Will people actually visit?  You have answered those questions emphatically with a resounding yes!

Further, the response we have received here has been incredible!  Your comments have been fantastic and your support has been second to none!  You have proven one thing – that Carolina Panthers fans are THE BEST!

I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting and supporting our site.  We intend to create the newest and the best Panthers site on the net.  And you are helping us succeed in this mission.  THANK YOU!!!!!

In the coming days, stay with us.  We have an announcement to make and, of course, a lot of news!