Bye Bye Brett!


After 17 NFL seasons, Brett Favre is retiring, according to a report from Yahoo! Sports.

Why do we report this here at Cat Crave, a site dedicated to the Carolina Panthers? Simple. Now, John Madden can have his lips back. They’ve been firmly planted on Favre’s backside for years. Maybe Madden will be able to speak plainly again.

Programming Alert!!!!!!! After about two weeks solid of tributes to Brett, it will be safe to turn on ESPN again. We’ll let you know when they’ve quit their 24-hour sucking up marathon.

Back to the report…

"“He has had one of the greatest careers in the history of the National Football League, and he is able to walk away from the game on his own terms— not many players are able to do that,” Packers general manager Ted Thompson said Tuesday."

"Favre’s agent Bus Cook said the 38-year-old quarterback told him of his decision Monday night.“Nobody pushed Bret Favre out the door, but then nobody encouraged him not to go out that door, either,” Cook said by phone from his Hattiesburg, Miss., office.FOX Sports first reported Tuesday that the three-time MVP planned to retire."

Bye bye, Brett! Seriously, we’ll miss the way you played and the way you competed!