Keeping Up With the Jones’s


Julius Jones has a new home – in Seattle.

The Seahawks have signed the former Cowboys’ running back to a four-year deal worth $12 million according to Adam Schefter of the NFL Network.

Jones has taken a lot of heat in Dallas for lack of effort in the past.  He has some speed and talent that could make him a good running back but fans and the team had grown weary of him.  Now he can start over.

He will join T.J. Duckett in the Great Northwest.  This is a paring that will likely bring to an end the Shaun Alexander era in Seattle.

Pacman Jones

likes to make it rain.

He’d also like to make it back into the NFL but his suspension has yet to be lifted by the league.  If he is reinstated, the Cowboys could be interested.

The team has had internal discussions about bringing in the oft-troubled player should he be allowed to play again.

With his talent, you would almost have to bet that a team somewhere, Dallas or otherwise, to make a play on picking up Jones.

There’s more in our Quick Hits…

Plaxico Burress of the Giants seems to be upset now that Javon Walker has received his huge payday in Oakland.  He’s going to want more money.  What he might not understand is that the rest of the league doesn’t overpay for players like the Raiders.

Matt Millen, the Lions GM, has once again told everyone that wide receiver Roy Williams is not being dealt.  As much as Millen loves wide receivers I wouldn’t doubt he’d like to keep Williams.

On Friday, word hit the street that the Eagles have made an offer to the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald.  Arizona has been attempting to re-negotiate a deal for the wideout to lessen his impact on their salary cap.

The Falcons have signed both Simon Faser and Rashad Moore to play along their defensive front.

The Redskins have reached a 3-year deal with running back Rock Cartwright worth $3 million.  The contract includes a $300,000 signing bonus.

Bill Miller remains with the Saints to be their tight end.  He appears to be the favorite to start for them next season.

Trent Green met with the Packers but his agent doesn’t expect any further progress toward an agreement.

WR/KR Tab Perry will meet with the Bengals on Tuesday.

Defensive tackle Grady Jackson has been contacted by the Titans.

The Bengals and Browns are competing for the services of OLB Darryl Blackstock.  It looks like he’s going to Ohio – but which city?

The Jets remain busy.  They have expressed interest in both Musa Smith and Jesse Chatman – two free agent running backs.

Cowboys special teamer Keith Davis is talking with a number of teams.