Drew, Just Catch, Baby!


One day after meeting with the Raiders, Drew Carter, the former Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver has signed with the Silver and Black.

Our friends over at Just Blog Baby have the story.

"Carter has all the talent in the world, but has failed to put it all together.  Carter had injury problems at Ohio State that kept him from ever playing at a high level, which dropped his draft stock from 1st round talent, to 5th round selection.  The 4-year veteran did not play during his rookie year, and only entered 3 games during his 2nd.  Jake Delholmne has been injured for the better part of the last 2 seasons, and with him gone, so went most of their consistency on offense.  So there’s still a lot I need to see from Carter before I start doubting him.Whether it’s the injury concerns that come with DJ Hackett, or the inconsistencies that come with Drew Carter, the Raiders need to take the chance this off-season.  Carter and Hackett want a team to take a chance on them, but like the Raiders, they might have to take a chance on a team that’s struggled lately in order to get the playing time they’re looking for.  I said this last week and I’m going to say it again, as long as the talent level is high, I have no problem with any acquisition the Raiders make; the more competition the better."

It’s always interesting to get someone else’s take on a player.  In Carolina Carter was considered a bust.  He has the tools but could never put it all together.  The fans made their feelings known.

In Oakland, he is being billed as a telented guy who has a cahnce to succeed.

For their sake, let’s hope he gets it together.