Hackett Is Still Shopping


D.J. Hackett was in Washington Wednesday.  He’s still shopping.

He left the Redskins without a deal in hand and headed south to Tampa Bay.  Provided he didn’t receive and solid offer from the Bucs yesterday, he will be on to Charlotte later today to visit with the Panthers.

The Bucs have been very busy this offseason and have already added several free agents.  They began the signing period below the salary cap minimum and still have money to spend.  Meanwhile, the Panthers have a lot less, somewhere between $8 and $10 million.

The team is strapped for room to maneuver and could lose out on players like Hackett even though he, or some other wide receiver, could be a solid addition.

This is one worth watching.  If the Panthers really want to add Hackett they’ll have to be creative at best or, at the worst, wreck their salary cap.  But one thing to keep in mind – the team doesn’t make a habit of releasing contract details so computing their salary cap accurately isn’t possible for the likes of me.  And they won’t let look at the books.

We have more news in today’s Quick Hits…

The Texans have agreed on with running back Chris Brown to a two-year deal.

The Browns and Lions reportedly have an interest in free agent receiver Troy Brown.

The Lions have released running back Kevin Jones making Tatum Bell the team’s likely starter.  The Lionis are considering a meeting with free agent runner Michael Pittman of the Bucs.

Mark Brunell has found a job with the Saints.  He signed a two-year contract.

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter says it will be a “major upset” if the Falcons don’t trade DeAngelo Hall before the draft.

Ravens re-signed LB Nick Greisen to a three-year, $4 million contract. The deal includes a $1 million signing bonus.

Free agent DL Kevin Carter is expected to sign with either the Raiders or re-sign with the Bucs by the end of the weekend.

The Raiders have been staying in with Daunte Culpepper.  He’s a free agent but could still be in the silver and black next season.

Marcus Trufant, the Seahawks franchise player, has received a counter offer from the team.  But the two sides aren’t close to an agreement.

Jonathan Ogden said the Ravens “know to proceed with their offseason plans as if I’m retiring.”

Broncos free agent Al Wilson are holding an NFL arbitration grievance hearing regarding the neck injury he suffered in 2006.

Titans LT Michael Roos and his agent have sent a long-term contract proposal to the Titans.

The Redskins have re-signed defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti.