Hall Getting His Benjamins?


The Oakland Raiders continue to spend money like a drunken sailor at an all-night brothel.  They are working to complete a deal with DeAngelo Hall, the Falcons cornerback, in order to finalize a trade for the “Mouth of the South.”

Chris Mortenson of ESPN (yes, the Yankees’ channel) reports that the deal is for seven years and…hold on to something…in fact, sit down before you read this…$70 million!

That’s more than Asante Samuel got.  That’s more than Nate Clements got last year in his ridiculous deal.  That’s more than any cornerback has ever had thrown at him in league history!

And what will the Raiders get for that amount?  I’m glad you asked!

His most notable career achievement was single-handedly helping to win a game for our very own Carolina Panthers.  In the process, he drew the ire of his head coach due to a meltdown on the sidelines.  Check that out, along with the video here.

They get a guy who truly believes in himself.  Hall seems to think that he’s the best cornerback in the league.  I’d have to differ with him.  I’m not sure I’d put him in the top 5 and maybe not in the top ten.

Best of all, they’ll get to watch as Hall does something stupid when facing Steve Smith again next year.  It was Smith who said recently on Sirius Radio, “Poppa don’t lose no fights when the kids are around.”

NOTE:  Don’t get me wrong, Steve Smith, in essence, goaded Hall into that penalty.  And at times Smith has been pretty loud himself.  But he also got the better of Hall when it counted even after he had been held to one catch prior to that all night.

As, for Hall, the Raiders will continue their “Commitment to Excellence Excrement” by signing this loud mouth.  He can make plays, yes.  But he can also make some unwanted noise.  I suppose the team felt like they needed somebody to take the place of Warren Sapp.

Congratulations, Raiders!  You just spent more than any team has ever spent on a cornerback!  We look forward to meeting you again next season.  The victory for us ought to be worth…oh…say…$70 million!

More to come in Quick Hits…

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