Studs ‘N’ Duds


Yessir!  It’s time again for another edition of Studs ‘N’ Duds.  We apologize for not having some fancy logo or graphics to introduce our little weekly column of the blissful and ignorant from around the web.  But, we had to layoff all of our graphics designers.  They didn’t mind.  We weren’t paying them anyway.

There is much to get to so…let the insanity begin!


Julius Peppers is All Shook Up!

Rumors continue to fly about the imminent trade of Julius Peppers.  Gasp!  I know a lot of fans would be upset.  He’s the team’s best pass rusher.  And he’s also the “I’m not so sure I love this game” player we love to…well, you get the picture.

This week, there he was in Denver watching the Nuggets play.  Yeah!  Right there at the game!  It was a shocker to everyone, including me!  I just couldn’t believe it.  Ya’ just gotta know he’ll be traded, right?

But it gets better.  A Panthers fan on the Charlotte Observer’s Panthers forum reports that Julius has been spotted hanging out with Elvis!

I think they had stopped off at a convenience store to pick up some beef jerkey and were spotted.  Their next stop was Aspen where they were going to hit on some ski bunnies.

See?  Julius ain’t getting traded.  He’s just hanging out with The King!

Don’t be cruel (bad pun, I know!)!  More Studs ‘N’ Duds follow…

Yes, There Is a Reason to Watch Tennis!

I was reminded this week that, while tennis isn’t exactly the most thrilling of sports, there is still a reason to tune in.

If Maria Sharapova doesn’t give you a reason to watch, what will?

Ground strokes and aces may not be your thing but Maria just might be.  And, boy, do I get mad when there’s a rain out!

When Cheating Isn’t Cheating


Researchers have long ago lost the interest of most of us studying things like the effects of

bovine flatulence on the ozone layer.  They are back on track and they have my undivided attention!

Egg heads have determined that only 3 to 5% of species are monogamous.  They also view social and sexual monogamy in humans as a societal structure rather than a natural state.

“I don’t think we are a monogamous animal,” said Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. “A really monogamous animal is a goose – which never mates again even if its mate is killed.”

See, ladies, we love you.  But being monogamous really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Besides, what’s good for the goose ain’t always good for the gander, now is it?



Chris Webber, Call Timeout!  Quick!

If your brackets aren’t filled out it’s too late!  The Big Dance started without you.

Today is a holiday for a lot of people.  There are like a thousand college basketball games on TV.  Everybody with a team in the field of 65 is watching.  But this brings up a question – why do they still play the NIT Tournament?

Is this some kind of consolation prize?  Are they trying to find the 66th best team in the country?  Maybe it’s a way to give the fans at Madison Square Garden some decent basketball to watch.

And the matchups are just rivetingOhio State versus Asheville and Creighton versus Rhode Island!  WOW!

Either way, I just can’t see anybody getting exicted over it.  If ESPN (AKA The Yankees Channel) wasn’t broadcasting the games to no one I woudln’t even know they were playing.  Who would?

Poor Barry!  Nobody Wants Him

Tune up your violins!  Prepare to play a sad song.

Nobody wants Barry Bonds and union chief Donald Fehr wants to know why.

The season is less than two weeks away and poor Barry hasn’t had an offer.  Several teams have talked about signing the ‘Roided One but nobody has taken the bait.

I just have no idea why some American League team wouldn’t bring poor Barry in and talk to him.  He could be their designated


HGHer.  I just don’t get it.

Somebody, get me a tissue!