Exclusive Interview with Jon Beason


I recently had the opportunity to interview Carolina Panthers star second-year linebacker Jon Beason.  Jon was rather candid with us, providing some very interesting answers.

I want to thank Jon for taking time out for this interview.

Cat Crave:  What kind of treatment did you receive from your teammates as a rookie?

Jon:  When you come in as a rookie you have to earn your respect and the way that I performed off the bat the vets really respected it.  It made my transition a whole lot easier.

Cat Crave:  You lit up the NFL last year.  Do you see yourself getting even better as you get more experience?

Jon:  With it being my first year at the mike LB position the more experience that I get the better.  Especially with everyone talking about the sophomore slump, it makes me work harder to make sure it doesn’t happen to me.

Cat Crave:  Who or what do you credit for helping you reach the NFL?

Jon:  First off, my mom instilling good values in me like hard work, not quitting and an attitude of anything I do to give 100%.  Secondly, my HS coach Mark Guandolo came into my life at an important time.  At that time, football was fun and he taught me how to work, train and how to prepare to be successful.

Cat Crave:  Is there anyone on the team that you hate to face in practice everyday?

Jon:  I hate going against anyone that doesn’t give it there all.

Cat Crave:  Do you have any special gameday routines to help get you up for the game?

Jon:  Before my sophomore year of college I used to be really uptight and private but then I learned to be a lot looser and joke a little and made me looser on the field and allowed to move around better.

Cat Crave:  What would you want to be doing with your life if you weren’t involved with football?

Jon:  Tough one, because football was always my goal.  My mom used to dress us up for Halloween as doctors when we were younger and then I learned you couldn’t save everyone so i gave it up.

Cat Crave:  What other athletes in any sport do you admire?

Jon:  Jerry Rice was my favorite player growing up (his work ethic, attitude and how he was represented off the field) and Michael Jordan because of how consistent he was in being a good player game after game.  Every game was like the finals for him.

Cat Crave:  Which players on the team helped make your transition to the NFL easier?

Jon:  Dan Morgan because he was a friend and I knew I could trust him.

Cat Crave:  How do you keep yourself in shape during the offseason?

Jon:  I usually gave myself two weeks off but I was told to take a little more this year.  I always want to make sure that nobody is doing anymore than me out there.

Cat Crave:  What songs are most popular on your iPod now?

Jon:  Any Lil’ Wayne song, I’m a big R&B guy, Alicia Keys and of course my boy Fat Joe.  And also Rick Ross