One Less Thug?


I’ve been pretty mean-spirited with Pacman Jones, I guess.  But, honestly, he deserves it.  Still, the only reason I write about him in the first place is that I don’t have any news to report about our Carolina Panthers.

But I did find it interesting that the Cowboys wanted Pacman in the first place.  I think all that plastic surgery that Jerry Jones seems to have undergone has pulled too tightly on his brain.

Pacman may now be a non-story in Dallas with Jones telling the media, “”I think the longer that it goes, the less likely [it will be done].”

“It’s just me trying to be realistic about it,” Jones said. “I don’t have a feel for it right now.”

Then there’s the latest rumor.

This one has Jones going after the latest player to live on the wrong side of the law so long that his team released him – Chris Henry.

Thank goodness that Jones is at least saying things publically that make sense.  He told the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram that a deal for Henry was “unlikely.”

The problem is that both Pacman and Henry have been in touch with underserving Hall of Famer Michael Irvin to talk to him on his radio show.  (Yes, he has a radio show!  That should be etertaining, huh?)

I’d say if Michael wants to continue talking to these bums, associating with them and, in all essence, acting as their agent, he needs to contact the NFLPA and get certified to act on their behalf.

It’s not as if I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Michael Irvin anyway.  But now that he’s the one out there promoting these thugs is just one more reason to have contempt for him.

I hope he doesn’t get his way.  Maybe Jerry Jones will wise up and realize that T.O. is enough and that neither he nor the NFL needs headaches like Pacman and Henry.