Jarrett Says He Didn’t Do It


Dwayne Jarrett is pleading not guilty.  The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Jarrett entered the plea Friday through his attorney in Mecklenburg County District Court on charges of driving while impaired.

"Jarrett did not appear at the court hearing and was not required to do so. His trial date was set for June 23.He was arrested on March 11 at about 3 a.m. A Mint Hill police officer pulled him over after seeing him run a red light, according to records.Mint Hill police did not initially release the results of Jarrett’s breathalyzer test, but his arrest report showed he had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit in North Carolina is .08."

Stop me if I’m wrong here but didn’t the arresting officer pull Jarrett over after observing him run a red light?  Didn’t Jarrett’s blood alcohol content measure 4 points higher than the state’s legal limit?

I’m a little hazy here on how he can say he didn’t do it.  Or is he trying to convince the courts that he had been drinking Gatorade all night?  Could it be that he is arguing that the breathalyzer is innacurate?  Would he have the court to believe that was somebody else driving the car?

What does he hope to accomplish by entering this plea?

All I can tell you is that had that been you or me, we would already be without a license and would be puttering around town on a liquor cycle (AKA a moped).