Cranking Up the Hype Machine!


You know I have to do it!  There is no way I could just put up one post about this.  So, I’m cranking up the hype machine.  I figured I would wear this out since I did get an interview with Mike Minter, afterall.  So, here goes…

Cat Crave Radio is back and this time we are featuring a special guest – Mike Minter!  Mike spent some time talking to us this past week and was very open and honest.  We want to thank Mr. Minter for taking time out of his schedule to speak with us!

You can listen to the show right here or go to our podcast page.


Episode Six – April 20, 2008                                                                                                  

In Episode Six…


Panther Profiles – Stephen Davis

Draftnik – Dan (The Landry Hat)

Part One: Interview with Mike Minter

Part Two: Interview with Mike Minter

Darren McFadden Tribute

Need to Know

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