After taking Stewart with the 13th pick, the After taking Stewart with the 13th pick, the

There’s Been a Trade…


After taking Stewart with the 13th pick, the Carolina Panthers traded up to the 19th overall pick with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Panthers paid a high price to move up to take Otah – next year’s first-round pick along with a second from this year’s draft (43rd) and fourth-round pick from this year’s draft (109th).

And when the pick came in…

Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh, 6’6″, 340 lbs.

I have seen mock drafts with Otah listed higher than this.  In fact, there were a number of mocks in which Otah went to the Panthers at number 13.  I’m feeling pretty good about this pick.  Otah has been listed by many scouts as the third-best offensive tackle in the draft behind Jake Long and Ryan Clady.

He’s been called everything from a road grader to a bit of a project.

Otah is a big man.  He’s likely being penciled in as a starter to allow Jordan Gross and Travelle Wharton to man both of the left-side positions.

Here are some scouting reports on Jeff Otah:

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I gotta admit, I like how this draft is taking shape for the Panthers.  But this was a high price to pay to move back into round one.  If the team is that close to winning a lot of games, it’s still not a good idea to mortgage the future to move back into round one to take a guy like Otah.  I like the kid but…WOW!