With the Thirteenth Pick in the NFL Draft…


Oh, the humanity!  Finally, the Carolina Panthers were on the clock!  I could hardly contain my excitement!  I was sweating profusely!  My heart rate was up to about 250 bpm.

Maybe this was too much to take.  Maybe it was some bad chicken salad I had earlier in the day.

There were a bunch of guys at a big desk on TV discussing what the Panthers should do.  And then the pick came in…

Jonathan Stewart – RB, Oregon, 5’10”, 235 lbs.

This is a shock!  Our Panthers haven’t made a habit of using first-round picks on skill-position players.  But here they get a guy that can fill the role of bruiser from the backfield.  Is he the next Stephen Davis?  We’ll know soon enough.

He’s a very fast guy to be as big and muscular as he is – he ran a 4.48 – 40 at the Combine.

The big question for Stewart is whether or not his toe injury has healed.  He had turf toe that was surgically repaired this winter.

Interesting fact:  This is the second straight year that the Panthers have drafted a player named Jonathan in the first round.  (see Jonathan Beason in 2007)

Here are some scouting reports:


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Oh, by the way, I now hate the Broncos!  They took our guy – Ryan Clady!  I hate the Broncos so now I have to go to Colorado to picket their offices!