Fill in the Blank


We’re all sitting on “Go” waiting for something to happen.  It’s like

being stuck in neutral.  During these days of the offseason, no news is bad news.  It equates to waiting that last hour in the doctor’s office even though there is no one waiting ahead of you.  When will they finally get to camp and make some news and when will they ever call my name and take me to that room where I can sit on the little table covered in deli paper?

While we wait for something to happen, we’re going to Fill in the Blanks as often as we can.  We’ll be scouring the net looking for Carolina Panthers news and any links of interest.

Some web hack has made some predictions for the order of finish for next season.  He wasn’t too kind to our Panthers.

Panthers fans are bombarding one of their favorite writers with questions.  He seems to have some answers even if he made them up.

Our third round pick, Dan Connor, slid down draft boards until the Panthers took him.  Another guy with laminated credentials tells us why he thinks that happened.

Even more draft returns continue to come in.  I’m not sure but I think that’s something like 75% of precints reporting now.

Could the Panthers ask Ryan Kalil to start ordering off the kids’ menu?

Would you believe another power ranking is out?  Take a look where the Panthers are ranked.

D.J. Hackett says the Panthers never promised him a starting spot.  He’s just happy to be here and hopes he can help the ballclub.  (Okay, I borrowed that last line from “Bull Durham.”)

Jake Delhomme is anxious to put this rehab behind him and get on the field for some real action because the team has a good group of receivers.

Break out your scorecards, Panthers fans!  Sort of like in NASCAR, a whole bunch of players will be wearing new jersey numbers next season!

A reporter from the “We Have Credentials And You Don’t” Club saw some stuff at mini camp.  What a nice guy!  He was nice enough to share with the rest of us all the things he learned while watching.

Matt Moore is standing in the wings but he is confident that he can step in if he’s needed.  He’s also trying to get over that Civil War thing – and it’s not the one you think.

Former Panther, Mike Wahle, is fitting in nicely with the Seahawks.

Other stuff for your web-surfing pleasure follows.  Enjoy!

Andy Reid, the Eagles’ head coach, has more problems at home.

Chris Henry is happy that a judge was nice enough to let him take off those shackles and cuffs long enough to play some football – if anybody will have him.

Could it be that Cedric Benson was tackled by the police and pepper sprayed for no reason?

HBO and NFL Films plan to bore the crap out of us by taping a bunch of footage of Tony Romo, T.O. and Jessica Simpson.

The Vikings really like Jared Allen.  Maybe it’s his nicely groomed goatee.