Fill in the Blank


Call in the dogs, pee on the fire and pack up your gear.  The hunt is over.  At least the hunt for more evidence in the Spygate saga is over.

Yesterday, Roger Goodell read us a bedtime story, sang us a lullaby, tucked us in and told us that everything was going to be okay.  The old Boogie man, Bill Belichick, isn’t going to come after us anymore.

A newspaper has had to apologize.  Still, Senator Arlen Specter isn’t happy with things and wants an investigation.

The long nightmare is over.  We think.  The offseason is not over, however, so, now that the big story is getting the “we told you we punished them enough” treatment, we’re left with little to do but sit and wait for training camp to start.

That’s where I come in.  I’m a blogger.  It’s what I do.  I write.  I create reasons to bring you all back here…I hope.  Thus begins another edition of Fill in the Blank.

John Clayton spared us from watching him talk with that spittle on his lower lip and wrote an interesting article on  He provides us with his picks for top five surprising teams for ’08.  Would you believe the Carolina Panthers are on it?

The Gaston Gazette writes that all of the defensive line changes could help us beat up on some quarterbacks this season.

The Rock Hill Herald tells us that the Panthers have hired a guy named Beathard for their scouting department.  It’s just not that Beathard.  It’s another one.

The Chiefs are letting go of some dead wood.

Asante Samuel doesn’t just think a lot of himself as a player but he also seems to think he and Tyra Banks have something in common.

Sounds like Landale White is making some excuses for last season.

A Dallas Cowboy is headed to the big house.  Believe it or not, it’s a former player and not a current player.

The Bears are throwing some serious coin at a kicker.

Is somebody predicting the Eagles to win the Super Bowl?

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