Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!


The website for the Marlin Briscoe movie tells the story – “Four decades have passed since Marlin “The Magician” Briscoe became the first African American starting quarterback in the NFL as a rookie for the Denver Broncos in 1968. The dramatic story of Briscoe’s life and career as told in his autobiography “The First Black Quarterback,” is now close to becoming a feature length film with support of actor and Omaha native John Beasley.

He is a remarkable man who has led a remarkable life full of challenges.  He overcame the odds to play quarterback and even longer odds to recover from a terrible addiction.

The movie is currently in the developmental phase which involves a fellow blogger, Brian Miller, the lead writer at Phin Phanatic.

There is much to be told about Briscoe.  Miller has been telling the story in a month-long series.  Part one of the story covered Briscoe’s early life – a poor kid from the projects who had to overcome the pitfalls of growing up in a rough neighborhood and ends with the final days of Briscoe’s NFL career.

Miller’s most recent entry details a life that has spiraled out of control.  “The Magician” had left the game behind and found himself addicted and homeless.

There is much more to tell about a noteworthy man who has lived an extraordiary life.  This incredible story has also been choronicled by Briscoe himself in two interviews.  (Part one is here and part two is here.)

You can follow the remainder of the series at Phin Phanatic.