Those Are Some Long Odds!


While we’re all trying our best to fill that dead space between the draft and training camp when the

real news begins, there are some out there who are gracious enough to provide us all in the blogosphere with headlines.

Pro Football Weekly has released MGM Mirage’s odds for this year’s Super Bowl.

What we are being told is that the Carolina Panthers are a 50-1 bet to win the big one.  That places us behind teams like Houston, Cincinnati, Baltimore, New York Jets, and Tampa Bay.  Man, talk about not getting any respect!

Is somebody trying to tell us that the Panthers aren’t as good as the freakin’ Jets?  The Bengals?  Who makes this stuff up?

I’ve been accused of not knowing a lot but I know enough to know that Carolina is at least as good as the Bengals or the Ravens.

Place your bets!  A big payoff could be on the way!