Jason Taylor? Not a Chance!


Cruising through message boards today for several teams, one name kept coming up – Jason Taylor.  First, it was all about that pathetic little show called “Dancing With the Stars.”  Would he win?  Would Kristi Yamaguchi take that ugly mirror ball trophy?

Suddenly, Taylor dropped the bomb on everybody – he isn’t going to be reporting to training camp in Miami.  He wants to be traded.  When he did, the tenor of the messages being posted on these forums changed dramatically.  Now fans were asking completely different questions.  Would you want to trade for Jason Taylor?  What is wrong with this guy?

I want to be perfectly clear as a fan – I don’t want the Carolina Panthers to trade a first, second, sixth or seventh round draft pick for Jason Taylor.  I don’t want them to send the Miami Dolphins a pack of Double Bubble or a couple of Tootsie Rolls for this guy either.

How can this all start with an overrated dancing competition and end like this?  Has Jason Taylor gotten the acting bug after sitting down with Denzel Washington?  Maybe he’s completely let L.A. go to his bald head.

Let’s not forget that poor little Jason Taylor also is just upset with losing so much.  He’s just not interested in showing up to play for a team that isn’t in the running for the Super Bowl.  He’s sounding like that fat, paste-eating kid from down the block who always got upset when he couldn’t always be the cop but had to be the robber and would yell, “I’m taking my toys and going home!”

I cannot for the life of me understand this kind of behavior.  He’s set to make $16.5 million over the next two seasons and he can’t come to camp.  How many employers do you know who would put up with crap like that from their employees?

I’m glad to see that there’s a coach who won’t.  “I know that Jason is not going to be at any OTAs,” Tony Sparano, Dolphins’ head coach, said of the organized team activities. “I know that Jason will not be at any minicamps. I know that right now Jason is not going to be at training camp.

“That’s what we know. Jason is a player under contract with the Miami Dolphins. He knows that. Both parties are well aware of the information. That’s all I’m going to say about it….I’m not going to talk about another thing about Jason.”

Tony Sparano Saprano, indeed!

This is all leading to a lot of speculation from the media and a whole lot of screaming and kicking by fans.  In every NFL city, outside of Miami, fans are yelling, “Make an offer!  He would be a great addition to our team!”

What is it exactly that makes anybody think that this ego maniac would be a great addition to any team outside of a Hollywood talent agency?  Really?  He wants to act.  He doesn’t want to play football.  How many movie studios are there in Charlotte?  Go ahead.  Count.  I’ll wait.

None.  That’s how many there are.

Unless Taylor is playing in Los Angeles, he isn’t going to be happy.  Oh, but wait!  There isn’t a team in L.A.!  San Diego?  Too far south, I guess.  Oakland?  Too far north which also rules out San Francisco.

It’s his attitude that has started this whole stupid little fiasco.  Check what this guy had to say in his blog on ESPN.

“I know what the reaction’s going to be: Oh, he’s the leader of that team, and he needs to be there.  But, see, there’re different types of leadership in sports. There’re guys that can talk all the time, and try to lead by saying: ‘Oh, this is what we need to do, let’s go, rah, rah rah.’ They’re rah-rah guys.

“And then they’re guys, like me, who lead by example. And people are saying now, ‘Your example should be being there working out with the team.’ Well, at the end of the day, I will show up and I will do anything I need to do, and I will be the best football player I can be.”

You lead by example do you, JT?  Really?  What kind of message would you be sending to the young players on a team now?  I don’t think I want you on my team so you can infest their minds with this kind of stupidity.

I forgot!  You want to act!  Okay, go for it.  Just don’t come do your acting anywhere near my Panthers because you’re bad at it.  Acting like you want to play football when we already know that you would rather be in Hollywood doesn’t qualify you as a football player.  In fact, it doesn’t qualify you as an actor either.

This offseason just vote “NO” to Jason Taylor!