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When facing boredom what is a blogger to do?  I’ll tell you what he does – he runs around the internet

like a chicken with its head cut off looking for articles and then reposts them while he’s complaining about what the other guy wrote.  That’s what he does.

Matt Moseley on ESPN’s website writes some interesting things about the Carolina Panthers and their potential for being in the playoff hunt next season.

Coach John Fox spent much of last year saying he didn’t like to make excuses and then turning right around and telling anyone who would listen how tough it is to win without your starting quarterback. That part was painfully true as David Carr flopped and Vinny Testaverde fossilized after [Jake] Delhomme went down in Week 3. The bright spot was the play of undrafted rookie quarterback Matt Moore late in the season, but he remains a project.

Moseley must have been listening to Steve Smith on WFNZ last week.  Smitty told them that Matt Moore was “still a rookie.”  He went on to tell them that he can’t talk to Matt in the huddle like he could Jake.  I guess if tempers flared a little in the huddle with Jake they can deal with it because they know each other and Jake is a veteran who has been there and done that.  Moore is still learning and his ego sounds to be a little fragile.

The Panthers somehow resisted the temptation to bring in an experienced backup or even try to get a quarterback in the draft. That seems like a risky move. But keep in mind, the Panthers know the condition of Delhomme’s right elbow far better than anyone else. Their medical staff must feel abundantly confident that Delhomme can make a full recovery from Tommy John surgery and Delhomme said he thinks he can be better than he was the last couple of years.

I have to ask this or I’m missing a critical point here – which available veteran would have been a boost to the team’s backup spot?  Daunte CulpepperTrent DilferByron Leftwich?

The team could have drafted a quarterback but he probably wouldn’t be any farther along than Matt Moore at the start of the season to take over in the event of an injury.

Coach Fox just comes off as a guy who knows something that we don’t.  By all accounts, Jake’s elbow is strong and his arm is stronger as a result.  We just won’t know how this will turn out until he’s throwing real passes and doing it more often than 35 times in a mini camp practice.

With Fox entering the season clearly on the hot seat, a healthy Delhomme is precisely what the Panthers need. After reshuffling their offensive line, drafting running back Jonathan Stewart and signing receivers Muhsin Muhammad and D.J. Hackett, all the parts are in place for the Panthers to be a serious playoff contender.

Moseley hit the nail on the head here – okay, he grazed the nail.  It is the offensive line reshuffle that will have most of us sweating bullets.  That’s five…count ’em…five guys all playing in new spots to start the season.  If they don’t get their act together quickly, we’ll all be very disappointed with this season.

Let’s cruise around the web for more Panthers stuff.

We are still recruiting Panthers fans for our forum.  Holla!

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We’re off to take a look at other stuff going on around the league.

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Titans rookie Chris Johnson was all smiles at the recent rookie photo shoot.

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