Fill in the Blanks


Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about nothing except Jake Delhomme’s elbow!  Keep ’em up so we can get an accurate count.  Okay.  All of you!  It unanimous!

That’s good because Jake’s gotta be tired of talking about it, John Fox has to be done discussing it and bloggers everywhere are growing weary of typing line after line including key words (“tags” as they’re referred to in the Biz) such as “Tommy John Surgery,” “elbow,” “rehab,” “arm strength” and my personal favorite “zip” (as in the zip on his passes).

After receiving a mandate from the vote we just took, there will be no mention of this topic here today.  You can continue reading after the jump without fear of being beaten over the head with any of this.

We have great news to report – The Beast is BackJon Beason’s wrist has headled and he’s been back on the field with his teammates working.  “It was great to be out there,” said Beason, the team’s leading tackler last season. “It was killing me in rookie minicamp not to be out there.”

Yeah, great!  I’ll be glad to carry that for youDan Connor has been getting his rookie hazing.  It’s not like he’s been having to yell, “Thank you, sir!  May I have another.”  However, he probably does have a date with the goal posts, some strong tape and a few coolers full of ice cold water in his future.  Welcome to the NFL, rookie!

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention that the kid might get a long look at WLB during camp.  Until then, he’ll probably be used on special teams where he can earn his keep.

Speaking of special teams, Jonathan Stewart, whose protective boot has been removed thanks to the most popular toe in the history of the entire state of North Carolina, has yet to do any real work on the field.  He has been observing the other guys shag kickoffs and punts – a job he might be taking over later on.

Known until recently as a good candidate to film the sequel to “Super Size Me,” Toniu Fonoti is making his way back.  He’s shown up in Carolina dedicated and it’s beginning to show.  Reps at right guard were split between Fonoti and Keydrick Vincent.  This could be a really interesting battle to watch this summer.

Working on the sidelines is nice but he still hasn’t been on the field to take reps.  Jeff Otah is proving that his ankle isn’t bothering him that much by doing some agility work off the field but has yet to work with the team.  There is no timetable for the first-rounder to get out there in the field and get dirty.

Let’s take a trip around the league, shall we?

NFC South

The Saints are still getting props for signing Drew Brees.  (Insert mole joke here.)

NFC East

Even before we’re all subjected to them fulltime on “Hard Knocks,” the Cowboys are already proving to be the soap opera we already knew they were.

The Giants are getting new rings and a new home to share with that other Jersey team.

The Eagles didn’t have a terrible draft back in ’99.

The Redskins have added a troubled dude to their roster.

NFC North

There like ain’t no Lions news!

Peyton Manning might be asking for the unthinkable from a former Packer.

Everybody is keeping an eye on Adrian Peterson in Minnesota.

NFC West

The Cardinals and more GOATs?

AFC East

The best Arab American athlete plays for the Bills.

The Don of the Dolphins has spoken!

AFC North

Freddie Mitchell is back in the NFL with the Ravens.

There’s a chance that Housh might show up in Cincinnati.

Could Rosevelt Colvin be going to the Browns?

A Steelers fan has some advice for Jason Taylor.

AFC South

Did the Titans nearly lose Vince Young to retirement?

AFC West

The Broncos are happy with their running backs.

A Chiefs fan has some thoughts on getting their two first-round picks signed.

There is hope in San Diego.