How Good Does Madden ’09 Think We Are?


I’m finally going to give in.  It’s been out there hanging over my head like an unpaid bill.

Madden ’09 is set to hit shelves August 12th.

I normally don’t get into video games at all.  Maybe I’m too old.  Maybe I like to watch real games more.  I don’t know.

Still, because the bosses are riding me to post more and to keep the content here more up to date, I thought I’d cover this momentous occasion.  (They didn’t really tell me that.  I just needed something to blog about.)

We’re bringing you the highlights of the player ratings found in the 20th anniversary game.  Those ratings follow the jump.

My thanks to Naptown’s Finest for the inspiration for this story.

Best & Worst Player: Steve Smith (98), Rueben Riley (67)

Best & Worst Morale: Jake Delhomme and John Kasay (99), Steve Smith (65)

Fastest & Slowest Player: Steve Smith (97), Frank Omiyale (45)

Best & Worst Acceleration: Steve Smith (99), Frank Omiyale (50)

Strongest & Weakest Player: Ma’ake Kemoeatu (96), John Kasay (37)

Best & Worst Agility: Steve Smith (99), Milford Brown (46)

Best & Worst Awareness: D.J. Hacket and Muhsin Muhammad (88), Nick Hayden (46)

Best & Worst Catching: Steve Smith (95), Jordan Gross (15)

Best & Worst Carrier: Jonathan Stewart (90), Dante Wesley (36)

Best & Worst Tackler: Jon Beason (94), Geoff Hangartner (10)

Best & Worst Jumper: Chris Gamble, Ken Lucas & Dwayne Jarrett (94), Rueben Rile (5)

Best & Worst Kick Returner: Steve Smith and Jonathan Stewart (90), A Bunch of Dudes (10)

Best & Worst Celebrations: Ryne Robinson (99), Ma’ake Kemoeatu (0)

Best & Worst Trucking: Jonathan Stewart (90), Bunch of Dudes (10)

You can see the full ratings by clicking here.  Oh, I have no idea what “trucking” is.