No Rookies Signed – Yet


Interesting tidbit in the Charlotte Observer Monday concerning the negotiations, or lack of them, with the Carolina Panthers’ rookie class.

The Carolina Panthers are in the early stages of signing their rookie draft choices. General manager Marty Hurney said Monday there’s nothing yet to report on the team’s two first-round picks — running back Jonathan Stewart and offensive tackle Jeff Otah. Hurney did say he expects an agreement to be reached this week with sixth-round choice Nick Hayden, a defensive tackle from Wisconsin.

Not that I’m keeping score or anything but we have 24 days to the start of training camp.  Does anybody remember a holdout last year by the team’s top pick Jon Beason?  It didn’t last long but holdouts are never the most welcome thing for rookies.

Keep in mind that Jonathan Stewart got very little work on the field because of that ignorant NCAA rule barring him from working out until his classmates back in school are free for the summer.  Also, Jeff Otah got limited reps due to a bad ankle.

Holdouts would not fit too well with a team with so many new faces.  They are expecting big things from these two guys.  Let’s hope Hurney gives us his normal, “We signed Fill in the Blank to a contract but we won’t release the details because it’s team policy,” routine very soon.