Stop the Insanity!


I started to title this “Confessions of a Sports Blogger.”

Straight to the point – how much can a football fan take?  The boredom of the last month plus has been nearly too much to take.

No news and no football has led me to places that no red-blooded American male, especially a blogger, should ever be found.

First, there was my foray into politics.

John McCain and his swollen gland, Barack Obama and his pearly whites and constant “Yes, we can!”  But I needed something to take my mind off the lack of a football fix.  It reached its low point when I began keeping up with the candidates’ trips abroad.

Next was my trip through music.  That led me on a trip through the mind of Kanye West as he became the enemy at some music festival.  I was glad to know that his problems didn’t lead him to exclaim something like, “Barack Obama doesn’t like glow sticks!”

But I continued with music to fill the time downloading something like 5,000 songs and trying to fill all those necessary holes in my growing playlist of mp3’s.  I mean, I had to have the entire compilation of Debbie Gibson’s greatest hits, right?

Then I finally hit rock bottom.  I was at the end of me.  My time was being consumed by anything that would get me through the dead period between mini camps and training camp.

I was growing sure I needed therapy when I started keep close tabs on the latest movie releases and Britney Spears’ rehab.  The shame!!!

It was alright, I thought, to read up on the release of “The Dark Knight” or “Hancock.”  Shoot, I even wrote an entry here on the latter.  It was the new interest in Britney that really concerned me.

But it’s all over now.  Therapy will end tomorrow when 80 guys, plus coaches, report to Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC.

The Carolina Panthers are going back to work and I can go back to writing about what matters – football – since there will finally be something to talk about!!!

And finally, I can Stop the Insanity!!