Paging Nurse Ratched!


Seems that quite a few guys were nursing injuries and ailments during the Carolina Panthers’ Saturday evening training camp session.  Here’s David Scott’s entry from the Charlotte Observer.

The Panthers had been hesitant on revealing how much quarterback Jake Delhomme would throw during training camp. Looks like he’ll be eased in somewhat. Delhomme saw plenty of action during Saturday’s morning practice and his passes had plenty of zip. But Delhomme spent much of the evening practice with his helmet off, watching backups Matt Moore, Brett Basanez and Lester Ricard take the snaps.

Rookies Jonathan Stewart and Jeff Otah and wide receiver D.J. Hackett — all of whom spent the offseason recovering from injuries — didn’t practice Saturday night as a precautionary measure. Running back Nick Goings sprained his ankle, but isn’t expected to miss much time.

Let’s hope all of this is strictly precautionary.  It’s never a good sign to have this many injuries on day one.  Jake shouldn’t be a major concern – yet, Stewart and Otah are both getting over injuries and might need a little time off and Goings is a veteran who won’t miss a lot of time if he isn’t seriously injured.

The real question here is Hackett.  He had the tag of “injury prone” when he was in Seattle.  Let’s hope he gets back on the field and dispells that tag as nothing more than a bad rap.

Get me Nurse Ratched, STAT!

NOTE:  We are awaiting further updates on the evening practice.