Harris Okay; Hackett Adjusting


Maybe it wasn’t that serious.  Thank goodness!  Chris Harris, the Carolina Panthers strong safety should be alright.

"Strong safety Chris Harris said he suffered a groin injury in Monday night’s practice, but that it’s not serious. He doesn’t expect to practice today or play in Saturday’s exhibition opener against Indianapolis.However, he said he expects to be back “sooner rather than later.”"

That’s good news…great news!  The rash of injuries at Panthers camp was beginning to make me think there might not be a team left to put on the field.  At least we should have Harris out there punishing ball carriers soon.

"Wide receiver D.J. Hackett will get thrust into the offense more quickly now that Steve Smith is out the first two regular-season games. As long as there are no injuries, he’ll start alongside Muhsin Muhammad.Hackett said the biggest difference in playing for the Panthers and his previous team in Seattle are the pass routes. He said Carolina has a more down-the-field attack, while the Seahawks use more of a short passing game in their West Coast offense."

Hackett might be best in the red zone for just this reason – he’s used to those short routes.