Wednesday Update Part One


Injuries are still the name of the game at the Carolina Panthers training camp.  John Fox might have to call the rest of the camp off to avoid any more dings, dents and injuries.

We start with Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald.

"After last week’s run on DT injuries, the new thin spot is at receiver.Both Steve Smith (ankle) and D.J. Hackett (toe) were hauled off the field, with what John Fox deemed minor problems."

This is terrible news.  Doesn’t that just bite?  We already know that Smith will be out for two games to start the season.  Now if Hackett misses time to prepare to take his place we could have a mess.  The more the news of Smitty attacking Lucas sinks in the angrier a Panthers fan can get.

"They were already down a few, with Muhsin Muhammad (old) and Ryne Robinson (knee) out.The good news is they’re relatively deep there, but it’s getting close."

Did he have to go and call Moose old?  Really?  Now, I feel old.  Thanks, Darin!

"SLB Na’il Diggs also got the veteran morning off. Still looks like he’s got an edge over Landon Johnson for a starting job, and that Johnson’s a Chris Draft/fourth man type more than anything else."

It’s a little upsetting to consider the money that they are paying Landon Johnson to sit on the bench behind anybody including Diggs.  That $3 million a year paycheck to sit on the bench, even if he’s the fourth linebacker is a lot of dough to pay a backup.

"CB Ken Lucas wasn’t out there, meaning he’s probably getting his nose set, and MLB Jon Beason and SS Chris Harris also stayed inside."

There is no official word on whether Lucas was getting his nose set.  It’s a possibility, though.  When that happens and the saw bones gives him the word, we’ll know how long he’ll be out due to another Smitty-induced problem.

And we found this little nugget in the Charlotte Observer from Charles Chandler.

"With all the buzz about Green Bay QB Brett Favre perhaps getting traded into the NFC South with the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Panthers are starting to talk informally about the facing him twice this season.Linebacker Jon Beason had an interesting idea, saying the Bucs could trade for Favre and then trade him to Minnesota, which is apparently where he wants to play. The Packers are opposed to that, however, because Minnesota is in their division (NFC North).While that’s creative thinking by Beason, the Packers almost certainly will make sure Favre plays wherever they trade him."

Let’s just go ahead and set the over/under on the number of times that Julius Peppers plants Favre in the turf during their two head-to-head meetings this season.  I’m going to say we set it at…oh, I don’t know…four.