Message to Adam Seward: SSSSSHHHHH!!!!!


Momma always said sometimes it was just best to not say anything.  You know, keep your mouth shut and move on.  Adam Seward didn’t listen.  He was too busy talking Monday.

Back in April, New England, those stinkin’ cheaters, brought Seward in for a look.  He sat down with them, probably received a complimentary beverage, talked a little football, admired the pictures on Bill Belichick’s desk of his latest skanky lady friends, discussed the best and proper way to operate a video camera and even had a little chat about what makes Adam a good football player.

Pity New England never came back offering a contract.  Adam is so upset now that he’s begun babbling about it.

He says it was a “tremendous honor” to be considered by the cheating organization.  He didn’t stop there.

"“It was interesting,” he said. “Being here for three years and playing hard, it was kind of crazy to see a team like New England, who everybody views as the gurus of scouting, who do such a great job of bringing in late-round picks and free agents and turning them into superstars. So when they came calling, it was a tremendous honor, even though things didn’t work out.”"

Adam, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you so you could go north and play for Billy Bob Belichick and all but you’re still with the Carolina Panthers, Bub.  What are you so upset about?  Is it because you have been “stuck behind first round picks” like Jon Beason or Dan Morgan?

Maybe you see the Patrots as your ticket out and you just don’t want to be in Carolina anymore.  Is John Fox mean to you?  Does he yell at you more than everyone else?  Or are the Patriots your dream team since they are such “gurus?”  Whatever it is, you sure felt the need to talk a lot.

"“One thing I did leave there knowing was that they were very interested in me and thought very highly of me,” he said. “I was trying to keep things in perspective, but it’s weird playing special teams here for three years, and being told indirectly that’s your role on this team, and then having a team say, ‘Hey, we’ve seen your preseason film of you starting. You’ve come in in the regular season when guys have gotten hurt and played well, and then special teams, you’ve been a monster, and we think you have starting potential.’“It was great (to have the interest). Any team in general, especially the Patriots. It just seems that every year, they do something, some way, to win games.”As if Seward didn’t do enough to alienate his current employer, he kept talking."

Yeah, he sure did!  Somewhere today, John Fox and Marty Hurney are likely in a meeting discussing what they might be able to get in return for a linebacker who isn’t going to start, and who doesn’t have the goods to start for this team.

Alienating his employer might be the least intelligent thing Seward could do but it never helps to have the fans angry with you to boot.  Let them read all of this and then we’ll see how happy they are with you, Adam.

"“Coming into the draft, 3-4 teams were what my agent and me were looking toward,” Seward said. “Most of our linebackers are 230 pounds, and I’m 250, 255 pounds. And when you’re that big, taking on blocks and being inside is a better fit than playing in a Tampa-2 defense and running downfield. I still feel I can do it. I had a great 40 time coming out in the draft, and still feel when I move on that field I move as well as anybody.“But 3-4, 4-3, … I think I fit well in both schemes, but being a bigger linebacker, I feel like I have more value in a 3-4, because you can’t just plug in a smaller linebacker.”Seward honestly wasn’t trying to napalm his bridges in Charlotte, saying a number of times he was grateful to the Panthers for drafting him. It also gave him access to team orthopedist Dr. Robert Anderson, the renowned foot specialist who repaired Seward’s right foot in 2005.“I owe a lot to Carolina, too,” Seward said. “They brought me in, they gave me a chance, they fixed my foot.”"

I’m so glad you got your foot fixed!  Good for you.  Was that all they did for you?  Maybe you’re kind of cheesed off that they drafted more competition for you in Dan Connor this year?

"“We kind of joked about that (prior to the draft), we have 11 linebackers, and they’ll probably draft a linebacker in the first three rounds and sure enough they did,” Seward said. “You can’t fault the Panthers for that. He’s a great value pick, and he’s a great linebacker, too. Any time you get a guy like that in the third round, I’d have done the same thing.“It’s competition. It makes people better.”"

Maybe the competition isn’t for you.  Dan Connor, Jon Beason, Dan Morgan, whoever it is, they all wound up in the starting job while you played special teams and got few opportunities to play.  Dude, if you’re upset about it and you feel you deserve a shot, talk to the boss.  Don’t air it out like this in public!

Some blogger is going to pick up on it and run…wait!  Too late!